Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Stool Pigeon

Wow, finally I manage to have time to write about movies. I have been watching movies every Wednesday for the past 1 month: Predators, Inception, Salt, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Tekken and Expendables and I just don’t have time to write about it.

So I gonna start again with The Stool Pigeon.

My dad’s verdict: Hou Tai (nice)
My bro’s verdict: ok le
My mum: yeee….so violent.

When we talk about Chinese movies, my dad is always the one who wanted to watch. Since he loves ‘zheng yan’ where Nick Cheung and Nicholas Tse acted, he was so enthusiastic to watch this movie. I pulled Boy boy and watched it.

Both movies have the same director, Dante Lam. I think Dante Lam wanted to create another award-winning (or should I say multi-awards-winner?) character for Nick Cheung. After watching the movie, I can say that Dante Lam did it again! Nick Cheung really did portray the character really especially the part when he lost his wife as well as the part when he was stucked between whether to help the stool pigeon or police. Now, let’s hope that Nick Cheung can repeat his 6-awards winning streak.

At the same time, I want Nicolas Tse to win too! I was expecting his character to be macho and ‘yao yeng’ but he looks exactly the same as the Bodyguard and Assassin movie except the clothing. He kena whacked like mad in the movie. Sigh. When will he acts some macho movie lei (like the Police Story 4)? I want to see his handsome look la (with his hair).

The girl, Kwai Lun Mei reminds me of Cindy Tey (the first Malaysia Dream Girl winner), same eyes, same faceshape, same features! Kwai Lun Mei at first does not looks appealing to me, but towards the end part, where she was fighting for her life, she was cool and she did portray her character really well.

The movie was not so violent lar. It was slashing here and there, blood here and there. I think my mum didn’t watch Shinjuku Incident where the violent-ness was 100x than this movie. But this movie’s violent scenes were enough to scare the girl beside me, she making farnie noises during some of the scenes. Sigh, why am I always seated together with these type people.

My verdict: 7/10 (8.5 for the acting)

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