Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Road bully

Had freaky car incident last Friday.

I was on my way to pick up PY. I was waiting at a T-junction to turn left on to the LDP. Then this Camry came to my right, and blocked my right hand side view. I cant see the cars coming from right. So I decided to let him go out first.

Above is the map of the incident. The green box is my car and the purple one is the Camry (who is not suppose to line up there, that lane is for people who wanna make a right turn 0.1km before the junction). I suppose to follow the A route and this Camry suppose to follow the B route if he wanna make a left turn.

Then he went out, half way through, he wanna turn into my lane (the C route) and noticed that my car is blocking him. He waved at me. He WAVED at me (signaling that I am a bad driver). I was so angry until I waved him back (I have never ever initiate a fight before in my car). He was the one who tried to cut Q, and his skill was not good enough to cut out to the outer lane (B route), and he ate into my lane, and he freaking waved at me???? What nonsense!

Leaving me with no choice, I forcefully turned left hoping that no car will bang me. I should have just stayed there until he moved out.

After that, I kept on my right land, wanna do a U-turn. This Camry guy sped up and cut in front of me and he braked. This freaking fella went and BRAKE, he is really looking for a fight. But luckily I didn’t stick so near to him because I always keep a distance with the car in front especially I kind of expecting this guy to pull out some stunts.

So I followed him from behind. At one point, he kept left and I thought he wanted to go the KJ LRT station bus stop. So I sped up and keep to my lane. This fella sped up too and cut to my right and kept to my speed. I fast he fast, I slow he slow. He wanted me to look at him.

At one point I was so tempted to show my middle finger to him, but then I hold back. I drive normal and look in front, refuse to look at him, singing my song. Then I think he ‘beh song’ so he took off. Cis! Padan muka! Bedebah!

After he took off only I started to shiver in my car, thinking back the whole incident. What if he is the road bully, stop my car and bring out a parang? What if he purposely knocks the front of my car and claim that I knock him? What if???

Why don’t he pick someone of his own size? Why he has to bully a girl??? A real bastard he is. This uncle somemore fetching his wife and an old grandpa behind, why is he being a bastard? I curse him. Curse that his make the grandpa heart attack. Curse his camry crashed into a big tree and die! Oh, not die, crashed until he is paralysed or lost his limbs! What a road bully.

Quoted by PY: "I assume the grandpa is the rude man’s father. The grandpa stupid one izzit? Never teach the son? Kurang ajar. Mou gah gao! What the hell is this? The wife also stupid woman. I never see this kind of people before. So rude, don’t drive car la..walk enough"

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