Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pie In The Sky @ SS2

Dad and bro noticed this restaurant when they send me to Guzheng class. It is located at the same row as Island Cafe and McD. It is located at first floor so it is a bit hard to get notice. So after my hair treatment in e3 salon, boy boy and I went to this place.

It was 12pm on a Sunday and when we went in, there were only 2 table occupied. After awhile they left, then the restaurant was empty except us, until 1pm when people starts to come in (around 3 tables).


Chocolate Temptation (RM7.90). The drink was a bit diluted.


Complementary bread from the house. Must eat it when it is served hot. The bread was really hard when it was cold. Nothing special about this bread though.

Chicken Mushroom Pie (RM4.50 @50% off). They are having 50% off on all pies. They offer several other pies like beef pie, vegetable pie etc. The chicken and mushroom was really good but if I am eating a pie, I would taste heavily on the pie crust. The crust was nothing to shout about, it is just normal a bit jelak after eating the whole pie.


Tropicale Pizza (RM10). We asked which pizza is the famous one, so the waiter recommended this. The outlook looks really nice and it smells nice too. Lots of ingredients, similar to Hawaiian pizza. But the taste was bland. The pizza crust was the thick one, so it was not crunchy.


Apple Pie (RM10.90). When this came, we looked at each other and said 'the same crust again?'. Oh god, their crust was not nice lor. But the apple caramel in it was really tasty, eaten together with the ice cream, it was superb.

The foreign waiter offered a very good service, he was polite, smiley and recommend dishes to all the tables. When I was standing at the payment counter, I looked at the kitchen and didnt see the boss there (i knew that they have a boss because I read from a blogger's website stating the boss serves the customers), they are all foreign workers. Since you are new opening, why not you try to mingle around with the customers?

The shop has very limited selection, 3 pasta dishes, 6 pizza selection, 5 different pies (the numbers are approximately). Just go there and try the pie. If I were you, I will forgo the pizza.

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 5/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 5/10

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