Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Haeun Khon @ Amcorp Mall

Boy boy doesnt like Korean so I seldom ajak him to go and eat Korean food. There was this day when he said he wanted to go to this Korean restaurant in Amcorp Mall where his colleague praises the food and its kimchi. Of course I wouldnt say NO to Korean food. There we went together with Nikky and Suyin to Amcorp Mall.

The restaurant was tiny and the space was quite tight, it was very stuffy too! No fan and no aircon. I was sweating like mad half way through my meal. When we entered, there was only 3 tables occupied, then another 15 minutes later (7pm), the restaurant was packed to the brim!

The menu was quite limited and they have a mixture of Korean food set and Japanese food set. Since they are famous for kimchi, all of us went for Korean food set.

Do Sot Pi Pim Bab (RM14.90). You can choose between hot pot and the normal one (less RM2). My bibimbap came last. I quite like the bibimbap, and you cant do no wrong with it. When it has slightly burned taste on the rice, super love it (That's why I like claypot chicken burned rice).

The set came with 2 pieces of apple, a bowl of soup, a plate of kimchi, pancake and tofu. The kimchi doesnt have the 'kam kam' (orangy) taste compared to other Korean restaurant. That's why I can eat this version of kimchi. For Suyin, she said the kimchi was not spicy enough.


Bulbogi Jungshk beef (RM15.90). Nikky ordered this, it smells nice. He said it was ok.

Kimchi Jjikeh (RM15.90). Suyin added in all the kimchi sauce but still said not spicy enough.

Dak Bulbogi (RM14.90). Boy boy ordered this chicken soup and he said it was not nice, coz it was sweet. But after he finished the glass noodle, I took a sip of the soup and it tasted very very nice. I regretted not ordering this dish. Boy boy dont like sweet soup (i.e corn soup), so he said it was not nice.


I will bring my family back here to eat economy Korean food. It is located at 3rd Floor Lot 336, beside McD.

Tiny Ratings:

Deliciousness: 7/10

Ambience: 3/10

Service: 5/10

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