Saturday, September 25, 2010

Grumps - Plaza Kelana

On a Sunday night, bro was lonely as dad n mum went for a dinner with friends. So Boy boy and I picked him up and went to Plaza Kelana for some porky affair. Plaza Kelana looks dark from the outside, but the parking space was brightly lit, and there were ample parking space, which I like.

While walking towards the Grumps, we noticed that there are a lot of restaurant here in this place. Maybe we can try out other restaurants next time. We entered Grumps through the back door and the restaurant was not packed. We found ourselves a cubicle. We decided to share the food since the pork knuckle is for 2 person.

Grumps Crispy Pork Knuckle (RM38.90). The skin was really crunchy, love crunchy skin. The pork has some porky taste, slight one, still tolerable coz the taste can be masked by the apple sauce.


Cheesy Crumbed Pork Loin (RM22.90). The pork loin were fried with bread crumbs, it was slightly crunchy. The pork loin meat was a bit tough though. We were looking for the cheese but couldnt find, dont know where it was. The mushroom sauce was really good and they gave lots of mushroom too, we dipped the plate clean.

Apple Crumble (RM8.90). The nuts on top of the apple crumble tasted a bit like 'lao fong' (masuk angin). If the nuts are more crunchier, it would be much better coz the apple fillings were very nice, sweet and slightly sour.


Not a cheap dinner, but it worth another visit to try out other dishes. I am eyeing on their Osso Busso, not many restaurant offer this.

The set lunch they offer is really value for money, can give it a try.

D-02-01, Jalan SS7/13A,
Plaza Kelana Jaya.
T: 78736898

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Service: 6/10

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