Sunday, September 12, 2010

Flaming Steamboat - Setapak Platinum Walk

Colleagues organized a buka puasa buffet. At first, they planned to go for RM60 buffet in a hotel, but PY and I think that it is a bit expensive, I would rather save the money for Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet. So, the organizer, Azie found another cheaper alternative which is steamboat buffet. Since PY and I are a fan of steamboat, we agreed.

This Flaming Steamboat in Sunway just opened a branch in Platinum Walk. So we went there. It is priced at RM22.80+ include drinks.

We reached there around 6.30pm and the crowd has not arrived yet, we were seated along the corridor and in front of the restaurant. Knowing that this area has a lot of people walking back, we requested to switch to inside and the guy said everywhere is full. Azie booked the place one week ago and yet they gave us this types of tables. Reluctantly sat on it. So, throughout whole night, people kept knocking on PY and my chair, my anger was flaming!

The offerings were not much. We took what we can.


While waiting for the buka puasa time, the restaurant people kept on coming to switch on our cooker. We turned it down because it is not buka puasa time yet, then few times, these people came and on it. So, I stopped the lady boss and said we know how to do it, dont worry. So she backed off. We are not hooligans ok, we know how to control a cooker. Ravi joked that the workers' KPI is to 'on' the cooker.

There are 2 types of soups: Tomyam and chicken stock. Both sux big time! The tomyam does not even have tomyam taste and smell! Even the packet tomyam stock is much nicer. I wonder how they survive with these type of taste. I think the Sunway shop has no fight for the other steamboat competitors nearby, not even on par. Seriously, if you buy the instant tomyam paste or chicken stock, you are 100x better than this restaurant.


Azie and Nik. Can see the left hand side of Nik? There is 5-6 power cords behind her (which was not captured in the picture).




When I wanna take the orange juice, I pressed the container and it splashed out lots of high velocity orange juice on my pants, my hands and my shirt. Super pissed! I was wearing my Fossil watch ok (bought from US). I was not the only one kena, mind you, I saw lots of people kena also.

It was not a pleasant dining experience there, and I would never ever go back there nor recommending people to go there, not even the sunway branch.

Flaming Steamboat
Platinum Walk, Setapak
Block H, 66 & 68-0
2, Jalan Langkawi,
Danau Kota, Setapak

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 2/10
Service: 2/10
Ambience: 1/10 (floor was slippery, environment was stuffy)

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