Friday, September 17, 2010

Doink couple

Continue with my PMS stories. This incident happened in LRT.

I was reading newspaper as usual. So this girl and her bf just finished shopping in Popular Book Fair, they were taking big plastic bags with books. The girl sat on my right. And she put her big tote bag on my right, which took up 1/3 of my seating space. Anger started to raise a bit already.

When a lady beside the girl left, her bf offer the place to another woman. So I thought he don’t want to sit. 5 minutes later, the woman on my left stood up and left. The bf waited a few more seconds then only he sat down. Which means that I was sandwiched between the couple.

Within 1 minute, the GF took out a book and asked the BF how to open it (it was wrapped in plastic), so the BF stretched his right hand across me, and whacked down my newspaper. Half of my newspaper dropped on my lap.

Having in midst of PMS-ing, I narrowed my eyes and showed my muka bengang, took back my newspaper and continue reading. I didn’t even stare at him, because if I stare, I would have scolded him. The BF saw my expression and immediately he said sorry. I kept quiet because I was freaking angry.

The GF is so stupid meh until don’t know how to unwrap the plastic ar? You in kindergarden is it? Go back home then unwrap la, why do you want to unwrap in the LRT??? Furthermore, after the BF unwrapped it and gave back to her (this time he was smart enough to pass the book in front of my newspaper, by not touching my newspaper), and she didn’t even read it. WTF?

They still wanna talk with me sandwiching in between. Please la, if you don’t talk to you BF for 10min, you can die is it??? Please be considerate a bit, if you guys cant separate from each other, take a cello tape and tape each other together la. Or don’t take public transport, drive yourselves there and do whatever mushy mushy thing in the car. LRT is a public transport for heaven sake! Please be considerate a bit, you jakun from kampung ar.

When we reached Taman Bahagia LRT station, the woman beside the GF left, so the GF touched the BF shoulder, and asked him to sit beside her. It is just another 1 minute to reach KJ LRT and you cant even stand another minute being apart???

Angela said I should have exchange my place with the BF so that the couple can be together. I was like no way since I sat at the place first and I don’t feel like moving and I am holding lots of things too. Ya, I am a devil when my mood is bad. I admit.

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maro^gal said...

yo yo yo.... ur EQ is getting lower la... think u need see psychologist or a physiologist.. if not u will be more and more serious...

they jus a normal couple..they did nothing wrong leh.. poor couple..