Thursday, September 30, 2010

Resident Evil: Afterlife

I have been a small fan (not the die hard type) of the RE series, coz I love to watch Milla Jovovich kicks @$$. Actually I love to watch movies with a lead actress can kick @$$. So, I was eager to watch it, but due to unforeseen circumstances, I only got to watch it yesterday.

My parents and bro had watched the movie and told me that do not waste my money for it. Even though the ticket is RM6, it is not worth it. But me being a fan, I don’t care, still insisted that I watch, and I am glad that I did.

At the start of the movie, I got to see lots of Alice clones in action. Her body-hugging suit with her tied-back ponytail fits her character perfectly. I think there is no one can replace Milla as Alice, coz she IS Alice. Even after Milla gave birth, her body still is hot.

After that starting scene, the story started to slow down. But who the heck cares about the storyline. One thing that is disappointing to me is that she lost her T-virus ability, so she is back to normal human, cant do anymore terror terror stuffs. Hmm…..I wish she could get back her T-virus ability in the following series. However, Wiki said that Alice might still have the T-virus ability coz she has no injury after crashing from the plane à regeneration ability?

Then, there are some scenes that look like Matrix slow movement bullets-avoiding scenes. Even the unnamed Nemesis (the big guy with a mosterous axe) waved his axe has some slow movement to it. This Nemesis was really farnie lor, showed up for 10minutes then died liao. So lousy. Give Alice and Claire some monsters that could not be killed with a gun!!!

At the end credit, Jill Valentine made a short appearance. But she looked totally different from RE 3. This time she has blond long hair tie into a pony tail, which is totally different, I couldn’t recognize her at first.

Let’s hope the director, Milla’s husband wont take too long to release RE 5.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Grumps - Plaza Kelana

On a Sunday night, bro was lonely as dad n mum went for a dinner with friends. So Boy boy and I picked him up and went to Plaza Kelana for some porky affair. Plaza Kelana looks dark from the outside, but the parking space was brightly lit, and there were ample parking space, which I like.

While walking towards the Grumps, we noticed that there are a lot of restaurant here in this place. Maybe we can try out other restaurants next time. We entered Grumps through the back door and the restaurant was not packed. We found ourselves a cubicle. We decided to share the food since the pork knuckle is for 2 person.

Grumps Crispy Pork Knuckle (RM38.90). The skin was really crunchy, love crunchy skin. The pork has some porky taste, slight one, still tolerable coz the taste can be masked by the apple sauce.


Cheesy Crumbed Pork Loin (RM22.90). The pork loin were fried with bread crumbs, it was slightly crunchy. The pork loin meat was a bit tough though. We were looking for the cheese but couldnt find, dont know where it was. The mushroom sauce was really good and they gave lots of mushroom too, we dipped the plate clean.

Apple Crumble (RM8.90). The nuts on top of the apple crumble tasted a bit like 'lao fong' (masuk angin). If the nuts are more crunchier, it would be much better coz the apple fillings were very nice, sweet and slightly sour.


Not a cheap dinner, but it worth another visit to try out other dishes. I am eyeing on their Osso Busso, not many restaurant offer this.

The set lunch they offer is really value for money, can give it a try.

D-02-01, Jalan SS7/13A,
Plaza Kelana Jaya.
T: 78736898

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Service: 6/10

Friday, September 24, 2010

Nihon Kai - Old Klang Road

Wanted to go for Zanmai for cheap Japanese food but it is always hard to find parking during weekends. So we went to old klang road to try out this alternative which lots of foodies rave about.

It was 8.30pm and luckily we managed to get a parking. The place was packed to the brim and lucky again that someone left and we got a table inside. There are 6-7 tables along the corridor but I dont feel like eating Japanese food at the corridor, it just doesnt feel right.

Our order was taken quickly. Actually I aspect a long wait for the food, at least 30 minutes. But it came 20 minutes later, it made me really happy. Although the restaurant was packed, they still manage it really well.

Soft shell crab temaki (RM7). A normal temaki roll, nothing to shout about.


Kushi Katsu (RM10). Thought this look special, that was the reason I ordered this, but this failed me badly. The chicken was dry and tough, the coating was bland and there was not even a dipping sauce for it.


Wa Teishoku (RM25). Sashimi with tempura set. They gave thick slices of sashimi which was really fresh. At least the sashimi is thicken than Zanmai. The tempura was crunchy and fresh. Not bad.


Tenzaru Soba (RM13). Being influenced by Boy boy who was into cold soba recently, I ordered this. The soba was springy. It just that they didnt put the soba on top of ice cubes, if not, it would have taste better.


The offerings were not much, you cant compare the offerings with Zanmai. But with this type of pricing, indeed Nihon Kai is an economical Japanese food, and I couldnt complain much on the set dinner since the prices are cheap and affordable.

Nihon Kai
4.2, Jalan Telok Gadong,
Off Jalan Klang Lama Batu 3 1/2.
Tel: 7982 3668
(Tiny directions: Coming from Mid Valley, around 2km, turn left just before the Shell station. The restaurant is one your right, corner shop lot)

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 6.5/10
Ambience: 6/10
Service: 7/10

Thursday, September 23, 2010


I always have pre-menstrual syndrome. During this time, my mood is always bad and body will ache too. All these symptoms still bearable until recently, the emotional symptoms have gone worse. I noticed that I couldn’t control my anger and emotion as well as last time.

Just last week, I was eager to look for houses and fixed a date with the agent to see house on first day of Raya. Boy boy not around (he was somewhere doing his ‘drifting’), so I ajak my dad to see it with me. Then he gave me all the cold remarks saying why need to buy condo, why buy second hand, buy some new house etc.

I was frustrated because he was the one who told me to lower down my budget and when I lower it down, I couldn’t find any landed property in PJ area for that kind of price, so I have to settle with condo. Then I controlled (I did control ok) my temper and said, “see only ma, not buying also”. My bro sensed my emotion, so he quickly conquered my statement, “yalor, see only ma”.

I was so down when I talked to Boy boy that night, the moment I said, “I don’t wanna buy house liao la, so troublesome”, my tears started come out. Then when he asked why, I lost control and said, “my dad la … sometimes he said this … sometimes he said that … then when I look at Setia Alam, you said so far … ask you go around the new houses then u mien hak hak (muka bengang)… then you don’t wanna marry me … what for buy a house … don’t wanna marry la … don’t wanna buy house la ...” I kept going and going and my tears flowing and flowing until I also don’t know what am I talking.

I admit la, I totally lost control during that time ok. Now when I think of the incident, I find myself so kelakar. And I don’t even know whether my mum overheard me crying or not, because it was just freaking loud. The next day morning both of my parents didn’t say anything.

Sigh, is just that I have tahan my emotions for so long (bearing in mind that boy boy don’t wanna get married until we buy a house, some more we didn’t save any money for buying a house, then cannot take out EPF account 2 money to buy joint-name house if we are not registered), lots and lots of factors bothering me and finally my volcano burst.

This is the first time that I raised my voice when I am crying and don’t know what am I talking about. I was choking like mad after that. Then finally after a few deep breathe, I calmed down. Boy boy just kept quiet all the way to let me settle down. He knows that if he says one more sentence, my tears and babbling wont ever stop.

Sigh, what to do when only one side has the initiation to do something? Cannot clap without both hands, you know. I am starting to get bored with this already. Bored of myself craving for marriage.

You know what, I finally got an answer from him and he said he will get married when he is 31 years old. Ok, at least I have an answer. He don’t want to get tied down so early, he still wanna go hang out with friends, go clubbing and see chicks. So you guys, don’t ask when am I going to get married, that’s the answer I am going to give you, another 3 years.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Doink couple

Continue with my PMS stories. This incident happened in LRT.

I was reading newspaper as usual. So this girl and her bf just finished shopping in Popular Book Fair, they were taking big plastic bags with books. The girl sat on my right. And she put her big tote bag on my right, which took up 1/3 of my seating space. Anger started to raise a bit already.

When a lady beside the girl left, her bf offer the place to another woman. So I thought he don’t want to sit. 5 minutes later, the woman on my left stood up and left. The bf waited a few more seconds then only he sat down. Which means that I was sandwiched between the couple.

Within 1 minute, the GF took out a book and asked the BF how to open it (it was wrapped in plastic), so the BF stretched his right hand across me, and whacked down my newspaper. Half of my newspaper dropped on my lap.

Having in midst of PMS-ing, I narrowed my eyes and showed my muka bengang, took back my newspaper and continue reading. I didn’t even stare at him, because if I stare, I would have scolded him. The BF saw my expression and immediately he said sorry. I kept quiet because I was freaking angry.

The GF is so stupid meh until don’t know how to unwrap the plastic ar? You in kindergarden is it? Go back home then unwrap la, why do you want to unwrap in the LRT??? Furthermore, after the BF unwrapped it and gave back to her (this time he was smart enough to pass the book in front of my newspaper, by not touching my newspaper), and she didn’t even read it. WTF?

They still wanna talk with me sandwiching in between. Please la, if you don’t talk to you BF for 10min, you can die is it??? Please be considerate a bit, if you guys cant separate from each other, take a cello tape and tape each other together la. Or don’t take public transport, drive yourselves there and do whatever mushy mushy thing in the car. LRT is a public transport for heaven sake! Please be considerate a bit, you jakun from kampung ar.

When we reached Taman Bahagia LRT station, the woman beside the GF left, so the GF touched the BF shoulder, and asked him to sit beside her. It is just another 1 minute to reach KJ LRT and you cant even stand another minute being apart???

Angela said I should have exchange my place with the BF so that the couple can be together. I was like no way since I sat at the place first and I don’t feel like moving and I am holding lots of things too. Ya, I am a devil when my mood is bad. I admit.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Road bully

Had freaky car incident last Friday.

I was on my way to pick up PY. I was waiting at a T-junction to turn left on to the LDP. Then this Camry came to my right, and blocked my right hand side view. I cant see the cars coming from right. So I decided to let him go out first.

Above is the map of the incident. The green box is my car and the purple one is the Camry (who is not suppose to line up there, that lane is for people who wanna make a right turn 0.1km before the junction). I suppose to follow the A route and this Camry suppose to follow the B route if he wanna make a left turn.

Then he went out, half way through, he wanna turn into my lane (the C route) and noticed that my car is blocking him. He waved at me. He WAVED at me (signaling that I am a bad driver). I was so angry until I waved him back (I have never ever initiate a fight before in my car). He was the one who tried to cut Q, and his skill was not good enough to cut out to the outer lane (B route), and he ate into my lane, and he freaking waved at me???? What nonsense!

Leaving me with no choice, I forcefully turned left hoping that no car will bang me. I should have just stayed there until he moved out.

After that, I kept on my right land, wanna do a U-turn. This Camry guy sped up and cut in front of me and he braked. This freaking fella went and BRAKE, he is really looking for a fight. But luckily I didn’t stick so near to him because I always keep a distance with the car in front especially I kind of expecting this guy to pull out some stunts.

So I followed him from behind. At one point, he kept left and I thought he wanted to go the KJ LRT station bus stop. So I sped up and keep to my lane. This fella sped up too and cut to my right and kept to my speed. I fast he fast, I slow he slow. He wanted me to look at him.

At one point I was so tempted to show my middle finger to him, but then I hold back. I drive normal and look in front, refuse to look at him, singing my song. Then I think he ‘beh song’ so he took off. Cis! Padan muka! Bedebah!

After he took off only I started to shiver in my car, thinking back the whole incident. What if he is the road bully, stop my car and bring out a parang? What if he purposely knocks the front of my car and claim that I knock him? What if???

Why don’t he pick someone of his own size? Why he has to bully a girl??? A real bastard he is. This uncle somemore fetching his wife and an old grandpa behind, why is he being a bastard? I curse him. Curse that his make the grandpa heart attack. Curse his camry crashed into a big tree and die! Oh, not die, crashed until he is paralysed or lost his limbs! What a road bully.

Quoted by PY: "I assume the grandpa is the rude man’s father. The grandpa stupid one izzit? Never teach the son? Kurang ajar. Mou gah gao! What the hell is this? The wife also stupid woman. I never see this kind of people before. So rude, don’t drive car la..walk enough"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mai Ramen Cafe - Jaya One

Went to Jaya One for lunch at 2pm on a Sunday, we sat in The Bee thought of dining some western food (some blogger blogged about it before), but the waitress said they only served food from the brunch menu. So when we take a look at the menu, only less than 10 items, it was mostly sausage, egg, sandwich, some breakfast options. They refer this as Brunch ar?? The prices are not cheap also. Disappointed, we went out from the restaurant.

Walked, walked and walked, and we saw this new opening, Mai Ramen. We went in and gave it a try.

Ton Katsu Ramen set (RM23.90). The ramen was so-so. The only thing I cannot tahan is the smell of the pork slices, the smell was so strong to the extent that I feel like vomitting when I look at it. Scare Boy boy says that I waste food, so I finished 3/4 of the bowl, tahan-ing the empoweing of pork smell.


The set comes with 3 pieces of gyoza, salad and a piece of chicken katsu. The gyoza was so-so, nothing special.


The chicken katsu was very very dry, even the mayo dipping has no taste. I tabao 2/3 of it.


Saba Yaki Bento Set (RM27.90). I took a bit of the grilled fish, but it has fishy taste. To boy boy, it was acceptable, but I just cant stand a tint of fishy taste. Sashimi was satisfying, big pieces too.


Boy boy's set came with miso soup and chawanmushi.


The price was consider economic but I dont think they can survive with the quality of ramen they served. Since you are naming your restaurant with a 'ramen' word, I am expecting that your ramen is really really delicious, but sadly, it wasnt.

Mai Ramen Cafe
13-G, Block D, Jaya One.
Tel: 7957 6689

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 5/10
Ambience: 6/10
Service: 6/10

Monday, September 13, 2010

SS20 Fish Head Noodles - Damansara Kim

Since boy boy is a fan of fish head noodles, I brought him to this shop (recommended by lots of bloggers before). It is suppose to be a stall along the road, but they have shifted to the opposite shoplots, which is good because it is air-conditioned.

I was expecting a crowd since the blog posts written that it is always full house, but it was quite empty, around 1.30pm on a saturday. I am guessing that it is full house during lunch hours on weekdays.

Soya Bean Cincau Ice (RM3). The soya bean series is recommended by the bloggers as the owner's wife has a stall selling soya bean and taufufa somewhere in TTDI (I hope I get this info correctly. I ordered this, indeed this was a refreshing drink on a hot day. Even with the brown sugar at the bottom, it tasted just nice, not overly sweet. It doesnt taste dilute at all. Love the soya too.

Boy boy wanted to order soya jelly but it was out of stock. So make sure you guys go there and try out their soya series.


Haruan Fish Head Noodles, with milk, Lai Fun (RM9.80). Boy boy ordered the steam fish version without hesitation, it has been his style every single time. He is a person who like to eat fish, and lick the bone clean, he is like a cat. He said that this was ok, he still prefers the one in Cheras, nothing can beat that wor.


Soong Fish Head Noodles, Fried, Lai Fun (RM8). I am not a fan of anything fish, but as long as it is fresh and less bones, I would make an exeption. I think I ordered the correct one as the fish fillet served has not even one single bone in it (the menu did state that is 'less bone'). Happily eating the fish. I love the milky soup with lots of ginger. To me, the dish was acceptable to me la, coz I really seldom eat fish head noodles (less than 5 times in my whole life). I finished the whole bowl myself. Woop!


Seldom can find fish head noodles in PJ area, if you are craving for one, then this shop is the best option to go to. I will come back here again, no doubt with my family.

SS20 Fish Head Noodles
28, Jalan SS20/10,
Damansara Kim
T: 012-628 8896

Tiny Ratings:

Deliciousness: 7/10
Ambience: 6/10
Service: 6/10

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Flaming Steamboat - Setapak Platinum Walk

Colleagues organized a buka puasa buffet. At first, they planned to go for RM60 buffet in a hotel, but PY and I think that it is a bit expensive, I would rather save the money for Tao Cuisine Japanese Buffet. So, the organizer, Azie found another cheaper alternative which is steamboat buffet. Since PY and I are a fan of steamboat, we agreed.

This Flaming Steamboat in Sunway just opened a branch in Platinum Walk. So we went there. It is priced at RM22.80+ include drinks.

We reached there around 6.30pm and the crowd has not arrived yet, we were seated along the corridor and in front of the restaurant. Knowing that this area has a lot of people walking back, we requested to switch to inside and the guy said everywhere is full. Azie booked the place one week ago and yet they gave us this types of tables. Reluctantly sat on it. So, throughout whole night, people kept knocking on PY and my chair, my anger was flaming!

The offerings were not much. We took what we can.


While waiting for the buka puasa time, the restaurant people kept on coming to switch on our cooker. We turned it down because it is not buka puasa time yet, then few times, these people came and on it. So, I stopped the lady boss and said we know how to do it, dont worry. So she backed off. We are not hooligans ok, we know how to control a cooker. Ravi joked that the workers' KPI is to 'on' the cooker.

There are 2 types of soups: Tomyam and chicken stock. Both sux big time! The tomyam does not even have tomyam taste and smell! Even the packet tomyam stock is much nicer. I wonder how they survive with these type of taste. I think the Sunway shop has no fight for the other steamboat competitors nearby, not even on par. Seriously, if you buy the instant tomyam paste or chicken stock, you are 100x better than this restaurant.


Azie and Nik. Can see the left hand side of Nik? There is 5-6 power cords behind her (which was not captured in the picture).




When I wanna take the orange juice, I pressed the container and it splashed out lots of high velocity orange juice on my pants, my hands and my shirt. Super pissed! I was wearing my Fossil watch ok (bought from US). I was not the only one kena, mind you, I saw lots of people kena also.

It was not a pleasant dining experience there, and I would never ever go back there nor recommending people to go there, not even the sunway branch.

Flaming Steamboat
Platinum Walk, Setapak
Block H, 66 & 68-0
2, Jalan Langkawi,
Danau Kota, Setapak

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 2/10
Service: 2/10
Ambience: 1/10 (floor was slippery, environment was stuffy)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Snow Flake @ Subang

Suyin ajak us to eat Snow Flake which is famous for its Taro Balls. Since I have heard about that and has been eager to try it, we agreed to tag along.

It was around 4pm and when we stepped into the shop, it was fully packed! Within 1 minute, we managed to find a table. Suyin and I proceeded to the counter and I let her to do the ordering. It is a bit confusing on the menu, you can to choose your toppings some sort of things.

Taufufa with sweet potato and taro balls.


The bestseller in hot form. If you dont wanna eat ice, you can try out this hot version. But the ice version is much better.


Snowflake soya series with red beans, nut and some sort of jelly. Love the ice that has soya taste. Other than that, it was normal.


Snowflake Bestseller (RM5.50) that consist of grass jelly, taro balls and grass jelly ice. The ice below tasted just like normal ice, not like the soya ice above. But I love to chew on the taro balls though, QQ like that. It was quite full after finishing the whole bowl. I wanna try the real version in Taiwan later.


You can choose to add the creamer if you want.


61A, First Floor,
Jalan SS15/8A,
47500 Subang Jaya.

Tiny Ratings:

Deliciousness: 7/10
Service: order at the counter and they will call u when it is ready and you go and collect.
Ambience: 5/10

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cravings @ Sunway Giza

Had a gathering with Sharon and Aifen in Sunway Giza recently. We decided to dine at Cravings, which is quite famous. We reached around 6.45pm and wanted to sit inside (it looked very empty) but the waitress told us that upstairs and downstairs were fully reserved. We have no choice but to sit outside and hoping that no one smokes beside us.

That's Sharon, mother of baby Gaby.


That's Aifen, getting married in October. (I jeles!)


Salmon Steak (RM38.90)


Juicy Beef Burger (RM11.90)


The food was served 15 minutes later. Half way through the meal, I noticed that my french fries that I ordered didnt come, so I chased the waitress. Then another 15 minutes later, we have finished our food and the fries still didnt arrive and I chased the waitress again. Then another 15minutes later, it didnt come (we waited for freaking 1 hr and the fries didnt arrive), when we decided to call for bill, the waitress came and said the fries is coming.

Then another 10 minutes later only the fries came, we have finished our drinks and had to order second round again. I was freaking mad. I think the kitchen staff overlooked my order. And when I chased them, they lined me up along the freaking long Q of orders. What logic is that???? The waitress apologized when she came with the bill.

But I have the admit the Curly Fries (RM7.90) were freaking good!

Cravings Kitchen & Bistro
Lot A-10, Sunway Giza Mall,
Jalan PJU 5/14.

Tiny Ratings:

Deliciousness: 6/10
Ambience: 5/10
Service:6/10 (minus another 2 points for not serving my fries), so it is 4/10. Told you that I hate restaurant that forgotten my order.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Stool Pigeon

Wow, finally I manage to have time to write about movies. I have been watching movies every Wednesday for the past 1 month: Predators, Inception, Salt, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Tekken and Expendables and I just don’t have time to write about it.

So I gonna start again with The Stool Pigeon.

My dad’s verdict: Hou Tai (nice)
My bro’s verdict: ok le
My mum: yeee….so violent.

When we talk about Chinese movies, my dad is always the one who wanted to watch. Since he loves ‘zheng yan’ where Nick Cheung and Nicholas Tse acted, he was so enthusiastic to watch this movie. I pulled Boy boy and watched it.

Both movies have the same director, Dante Lam. I think Dante Lam wanted to create another award-winning (or should I say multi-awards-winner?) character for Nick Cheung. After watching the movie, I can say that Dante Lam did it again! Nick Cheung really did portray the character really especially the part when he lost his wife as well as the part when he was stucked between whether to help the stool pigeon or police. Now, let’s hope that Nick Cheung can repeat his 6-awards winning streak.

At the same time, I want Nicolas Tse to win too! I was expecting his character to be macho and ‘yao yeng’ but he looks exactly the same as the Bodyguard and Assassin movie except the clothing. He kena whacked like mad in the movie. Sigh. When will he acts some macho movie lei (like the Police Story 4)? I want to see his handsome look la (with his hair).

The girl, Kwai Lun Mei reminds me of Cindy Tey (the first Malaysia Dream Girl winner), same eyes, same faceshape, same features! Kwai Lun Mei at first does not looks appealing to me, but towards the end part, where she was fighting for her life, she was cool and she did portray her character really well.

The movie was not so violent lar. It was slashing here and there, blood here and there. I think my mum didn’t watch Shinjuku Incident where the violent-ness was 100x than this movie. But this movie’s violent scenes were enough to scare the girl beside me, she making farnie noises during some of the scenes. Sigh, why am I always seated together with these type people.

My verdict: 7/10 (8.5 for the acting)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Haeun Khon @ Amcorp Mall

Boy boy doesnt like Korean so I seldom ajak him to go and eat Korean food. There was this day when he said he wanted to go to this Korean restaurant in Amcorp Mall where his colleague praises the food and its kimchi. Of course I wouldnt say NO to Korean food. There we went together with Nikky and Suyin to Amcorp Mall.

The restaurant was tiny and the space was quite tight, it was very stuffy too! No fan and no aircon. I was sweating like mad half way through my meal. When we entered, there was only 3 tables occupied, then another 15 minutes later (7pm), the restaurant was packed to the brim!

The menu was quite limited and they have a mixture of Korean food set and Japanese food set. Since they are famous for kimchi, all of us went for Korean food set.

Do Sot Pi Pim Bab (RM14.90). You can choose between hot pot and the normal one (less RM2). My bibimbap came last. I quite like the bibimbap, and you cant do no wrong with it. When it has slightly burned taste on the rice, super love it (That's why I like claypot chicken burned rice).

The set came with 2 pieces of apple, a bowl of soup, a plate of kimchi, pancake and tofu. The kimchi doesnt have the 'kam kam' (orangy) taste compared to other Korean restaurant. That's why I can eat this version of kimchi. For Suyin, she said the kimchi was not spicy enough.


Bulbogi Jungshk beef (RM15.90). Nikky ordered this, it smells nice. He said it was ok.

Kimchi Jjikeh (RM15.90). Suyin added in all the kimchi sauce but still said not spicy enough.

Dak Bulbogi (RM14.90). Boy boy ordered this chicken soup and he said it was not nice, coz it was sweet. But after he finished the glass noodle, I took a sip of the soup and it tasted very very nice. I regretted not ordering this dish. Boy boy dont like sweet soup (i.e corn soup), so he said it was not nice.


I will bring my family back here to eat economy Korean food. It is located at 3rd Floor Lot 336, beside McD.

Tiny Ratings:

Deliciousness: 7/10

Ambience: 3/10

Service: 5/10

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sri Paandi Banana Leaf Rice - Section 11

After a massage session (chinese traditional tui na), it was already 9pm. So, we went to nearby Sri Paandi for banana leaf rice. It has been years since I come to this restaurant (the last time I came was with my ex-colleagues during lunch) and I love the tosai masala here.

That day I was craving for banana leaf rice. Once I seated down, I got lots of stares from the customers nearby. I think it was because I just finish my 'kap kun' (the round round bottle thingy sux to yr body and leave red purple mark on my shoulder and back) and I was wearing sleeveless. But who the heck cares, I didnt bother them.

We were served with huge amount of rice, 4 vege dishes and papadom. I like the curry lady fingers, cabbage and bittergout. The cucumber dish tasted sour. After that, I poured lots of curries on my rice, love my rice wet.


We ordered a plate of fried chicken and this was dem good. The coating was very tasty and crunchy. This chicken tasted much better than another famous banana leaf rice in ss2 (located uphill).


What a satisfying and full meal.

I have another banana leaf rice on the top of my list (the one in Bangsar) which Azzah has recommended me. After the first time she brought me there, I am addicted to it ever since. I didnt go back because it is very difficult to find parking. After that day out with Nicole in Bangsar, I found out that I can park my car in BVII and walk over to this restaurant. That's my strategy.

Sri Paandi
Jalan Dato Mahmud 11/4
Off Jalan Universiti, PJ

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 6.5/10
Service: 6/10
Ambience: 5/10

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Pie In The Sky @ SS2

Dad and bro noticed this restaurant when they send me to Guzheng class. It is located at the same row as Island Cafe and McD. It is located at first floor so it is a bit hard to get notice. So after my hair treatment in e3 salon, boy boy and I went to this place.

It was 12pm on a Sunday and when we went in, there were only 2 table occupied. After awhile they left, then the restaurant was empty except us, until 1pm when people starts to come in (around 3 tables).


Chocolate Temptation (RM7.90). The drink was a bit diluted.


Complementary bread from the house. Must eat it when it is served hot. The bread was really hard when it was cold. Nothing special about this bread though.

Chicken Mushroom Pie (RM4.50 @50% off). They are having 50% off on all pies. They offer several other pies like beef pie, vegetable pie etc. The chicken and mushroom was really good but if I am eating a pie, I would taste heavily on the pie crust. The crust was nothing to shout about, it is just normal a bit jelak after eating the whole pie.


Tropicale Pizza (RM10). We asked which pizza is the famous one, so the waiter recommended this. The outlook looks really nice and it smells nice too. Lots of ingredients, similar to Hawaiian pizza. But the taste was bland. The pizza crust was the thick one, so it was not crunchy.


Apple Pie (RM10.90). When this came, we looked at each other and said 'the same crust again?'. Oh god, their crust was not nice lor. But the apple caramel in it was really tasty, eaten together with the ice cream, it was superb.

The foreign waiter offered a very good service, he was polite, smiley and recommend dishes to all the tables. When I was standing at the payment counter, I looked at the kitchen and didnt see the boss there (i knew that they have a boss because I read from a blogger's website stating the boss serves the customers), they are all foreign workers. Since you are new opening, why not you try to mingle around with the customers?

The shop has very limited selection, 3 pasta dishes, 6 pizza selection, 5 different pies (the numbers are approximately). Just go there and try the pie. If I were you, I will forgo the pizza.

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 5/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 5/10

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Gelare Cafe @ Cineleisure

Before we headed back home, we thought of having dessert at Tin Pan Gor Gor since that day was really a hot day. But, we passed by this shop at cineleisure and decided to give it a try. So happened that they are having promotion of 20% off all items.


Notice that my neck was quite empty. (Hint: can I have a necklace as our 8th anniversary pressie?)

Chocolate Chip Waffle with 2 scoop of ice cream: Swiss chocolate caramel and cookes & cream (RM22.90 minus off 20% discount). The waffle has lots of chocolate chip in it and I quite like it. The ice cream texture couldnt compete with Gellatisimo in Mid Valley and New Zealand island. This version has a softer texture and lack of taste actually. Should give me bigger scoop of ice cream.


The staff was really helpful, she kept on asking us to try the variety of their ice cream before we decide which one we want.

Level G-30 & 31,
Mutiara Damansara.

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 5/10
Ambience: 6/10
Service: 6/10