Friday, August 20, 2010

Winners Pan Mee - Damansara Jaya

Boy boy felt like eating something with soup, so I thought of trying this new Pan Mee (actually they open for a few months already) shop in Damansara Jaya, near Atria.

Boy boy ordered this dry tomyam version if I am not mistaken. The thing was that he wanted to eating something with soup but dont know why he ordered a dry one. I dont quite like the taste of it.


I followed what the boss recommended - pan mee in spinach soup. I like the soup, very sweet and I love the fact that they put 'kei ji' (mulberry), a lot of them. The pan mee was soft. But they didnt put any mushroom in it.


The offerings were very limited, I think only 6 - 8 types of pan mee options for you to choose. Erm...nothing special about the pan mee. I wonder how long can they last. My statement is a bit sarcastic but I am just stating a fact.

Tiny ratings:
Deliciousness: 5/10
Ambience: 4/10
Price: 6/10

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