Monday, August 9, 2010

Tiny Pisses # 13

I was pissed off by attitude of some people, more specifically GUYS who think themselves are the most handsome in the world until all the girls will fall for him. Why I said so? Because I was offended by one such guy.

My company has just recently hired a Chinese guy, a decent looking one (I said ‘decent’ not ‘handsome’ ok) and he is located upstairs of my floor so we seldom met each other. So during a training that was organized by my company 3 days, he attended too. There were like 70 staffs attended the training.

During dinner time, his superior P was seated beside me and asked whether I have met his cute guy that he just hired. PY and I said no. So, P called out for the guy to come over to introduce us officially.

So he came, P introduced me and PY and the guy. The guy said he met me before (yes, I did when he came and apply for the status with his father a year ago). Then I casually answered, “I don’t quite remember you, but I have your name card”.

When we were into the second sentence, he suddenly said, “I am taken”. PY and I stunned abit. He continued saying, “6 years ago I was taken”. PY and I were shocked! Luckily PY responded very fast and answered, “Don’t worry, Siew Mun and I are also taken, both have longer relationship than you, 7 and 8 years”. Now his turn to keep quiet, then he said he needs to go back his place for diner.

I was seriously offended by his sentence. Who the heck ask about whether you are taken or not? You think I am interested in you meh? My boy boy is much more cuter than you! This fella thinks that I wanna tackle him until he said such things during the official introduction. So dem perasan lor. I can’t tahan / tolerate this type of people.

He thinks that his relationship is very long and he feels so superior like that. 6 years very long meh??? You pak toh at 17 years old (he is now 23) also puppy love only lar, maybe you guys will break up another year later? I am so dem mad that I wanna curse people. I am strictly not interested in a 23 year old BOY ok. Not mature at all.

Somemore, he has the guts to tell my other colleagues that his GF earns double than him. Eat ‘slipper rice’ (‘Toh Hai Fun’ translated to guys who depends on girls for money) la him. I know you are a fresh grad, but don’t behave as if the whole company girls will fall for your look ok. Attitude problem.

When people ask about your relationship only you tell ok. Don’t simply go and offend people when people didn’t ask about whether you are ‘taken’ or not. Taken by ghost la you, taken taken.

My colleague suggested that maybe his GF instruct him to tell everyone in the office that he is taken, so no girls will kacau him ma. What! You have no balls until you listen to your GF ar? Your GF has no confidence in you meh? Cheapo.

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