Friday, August 6, 2010

Pommes Frites - Pyramid (revisit)

Everytime we visit Pyramid, we will drop by this Pommes Frites to eat its Belgian Fries after lunch (click here to see details of first visit). So, this time we went back there again for lunch. Since it was 11.30am, still early, we were the only patron.

Boy boy ordered Roast Chicken Set that comes with a glass of ice lemon tea and a bowl of mushroom soup. The mushroom soup never fail to disappoint us, it was very creamy and thick, not the normal mushroom soup taken from Campbell's tin. I wish they could give more though.


Garlic Bread (RM6). I ordered one portion of garlic bread. Little did I know that it came with some fries too. The garlic bread was crispy, not too garlicky, just nice. The fries come with the standard mayo sauce.


Clam Pot - Large (RM21.90). The last time we tried mushroom cream with wine as base, so this time we chose the tomyam as base. When the waiter took our order, he asked, "with wine or without wine?". Erm....i was struggling whether can tomyam mixed with wine or not? wont diarrhea or food poisoning one ar? I didnt have the guts to try it.


The clams came with boiling hot tomyam soup. Big clams and big mushrooms. The soup was spicy but not sour enough. I would prefer the mushroom cream.

Roast Chicken set (RM21.90). The chicken was salty. I think all Italian style pasta / roast chicken are salty due to the amount of herbs they put in.


Actually, we have another packet of fries that comes together with the pot of clam as a set. The fries were nothing to shout about, it came with the same dipping sauce as the garlic bread set. But this one, they pour the sauce on top of it, made the fries a bit 'jelak' to be eaten. I would rather they put it in a separate cup.

As for the service wise, they have room for improvement. The waiter who served us had a really 'black' face, his expression feels like he wanna kill the customers like that, somemore layan tak nak layan like that. He is not the first time like that one lei, the last time we came also he layan us like that, feel like punching into his face.

Furthermore he took my order wrongly, he thought I ordered 'mussels'. The order was sent to the kitchen. When I waved by hand to ask whether are we allowed to choose the dipping sauce for the fries that comes together with the clam pot, he asked,"U order clam or mussels?". I said clam. Then he quickly ran to the kitchen and change order.

I still will come back to try their fries and other dipping sauce, no doubt as well as the clam pot in mushroom cream!

Delicious-ness: 7.5/10
Service: 5/10
Ambience: 5/10

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