Monday, August 30, 2010

The Meaty House - Subang

Nikky ajak for hochiak so I suggested this place called Nambawan in Old Klang Road area. We used GPS to locate the area. Then we saw the outdoor area is full, so we went inside. Once we sat down, a staff came and gave a really bad attitute. She didnt even pass us the menu and kept on saying have to wait 1 hour, a lot of tables are waiting, then there is this 12 person who reserved the table (who are yet to arrive), she said they need to cook for these 12 person, yada yada.

If she tell us all these politely, we would have wait. But her attitute was really intolerable (feel like slapping her). We left. Who does she thinks she is??? She is not even the boss yet she behaves like that? The boss doesnt even want to serve the customers, she was busy with her kitchen. Suyin overheard a patron saying the food was just so-so only.

We made the correct decision and went to The Meaty House in Taipan who also serves pork dishes. Nambawan thinks that they are the only serving good pork dishes?? "keep skin" la. I wont even want to go back there. Super bad attitute.

The Meaty House was quite empty by the time we reached there, around 9pm. So we ordered 4 different types of main dish so that we can sample all their specialty.

Snow Ice (RM5.50 each).

Cream of Ham (RM6.90). Similar to Campbell soup, they uses ham instead of mushroom. Quite a distinctive taste though.

Grilled Streaky Bacon (RM18.90). First to arrive was this dish. The moment I tasted the first piece, my expectation towards other dishes raised up. This bacon was really good, really crunchy, and not salty like the bacon we buy in supermarket. Eaten togehter with the onion, this dish is really a must-order in this restaurant. I never tasted any more delicious bacon than this.


Grilled Texas BBQ Ribs (RM25.90). The side dishes were really little. The ribs were a bit tough. Actually I was expecting the soft texture similar to Betty Mid West Kitchen. The taste was so-so only.

Mexican Spicy Ribs (RM25.90). Boy boy always say Mexican food has strong armpit smell. But this dish does not have it when I tasted. It tasted better than the previous ribs though. Although it does not have much sauce to it, but the meat itself was marinated.

Grilled Pork Belly and Sausages (RM29.90). The sausage was so-so. I couldnt eat the pork belly, not because of the fats, but the taste was just so weird until I can even take second bite. I would rather give this dish a pass.


La Yoyuex Bistro (formerly known as The Meaty House)
37, Jalan USJ 10/1D,
Taipan Triangle, Subang.

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 6/10 (8 for the bacon dish)
Ambience: 6
Service: 7

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