Monday, August 30, 2010

Flavola - Le Meridien Hotel

Was having training over the weekends a month ago in Le Meridian KL. So other than the buffet lunch at Latest Recipe, we got to dine in this Italian restaurant known as Flavola.

First dish was Antipasti that consisted of Insalata Caprese (god knows what it is), smoked salmon and octopus. The Insalata Caprese (tomato with cheese) doesnt taste as bad as it looks though, still eatable. The Smoked Salmon thingy was fresh. The Octopus thingy looks geli, even though it was fulled of garlic taste (i am a super garlic-lover), I still couldnt bring myself to finish it.


A variety of breads and bread sticks for you to choose before the main course.

Prima Piati: Flavola pizza and spaghetti aglio olio pepperoncino. The pizza crust was thin and crunchy at the end. Although it was just basic cheese and tomato, I find it quite tasty. Ate quite a number of pieces.
Spaghetti was plain, tasted like Maggi Mee Goreng. I assumed this comment is an insult to the chef, but I wonder whether he has tasted our local maggi mee goreng or not, it tasted the same.


Secondi: BBQ grilled butter cod. A huge chunk of cod fish was served with some sauce. When this dish arrived, I was 3/4 full already. Not a fan of fish, so I ate 1/4 of the fish only. The presentation was not really good, how to eat a huge chunk of fish like that.


Italian Gelato. Really nice.

For me, I wouldnt pay for these type of food, not that it was not good, but it was just nothing special to shout about. There are nicer Italian restaurant around.

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