Saturday, August 21, 2010

Delicious Cafe - Bangsar Village 2

Took leave and hang out with Nicole before I start missing her (she is migrating to Melbourne soon). We went to Bangsar Village 2 and intend to shop the boutiques around that area.

Before we start shopping, we went for a brunch at Delicious. Nicole ordered Chicken Avocado Sandwich (RM21.90).

Cheese Burger (RM24.90). The beef patty was thick and juicy. I specially like the onion on top of the cheeser.

After that, we went for shopping. After walked 2 hours under the hot sun, we decided to head back. She has RM10 Hagen Daaz voucher so we ordered a sushi platter (RM35).

From top: Strawberry Gunkan (macademia nut ice cream, strawberry fruit and chocolate), Mango Sorbet Sushi (vanilla ice cream, mango sorbet), Kiwi Gunkan (vanila ice cream, kiwi fruit and chocolate), Mango and passion fruit sushi (macademia nut ice cream, mango and passion fruit ice cream, chocolate).

Notice the 'wasabi' on the top? I dont like the taste, Nicole said it was green tea ice cream but I just couldnt eat it. I specially love the mango passion fruit sushi, the combination was just nice, sweet and sourish together with the macademia nut ice cream, it was perfect. The kiwi and the strawberry sushi was normal. My least favourite was the mango one, I dont know why but I found it weird taste.

Suddenly, I fall in love with Hagen Daaz ice cream, it has been almost 10 years since I last ate HD ice cream. Love the texture but still it is too expensive to eat it everyweek. Too bad they dont have like BR has 31% off.

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