Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kissaten - Jaya One

Wanted to try The Bee in Jaya One on a Sunday night but it was not open. So we walked past Kissaten and browsed through the menu and thought the food was ok, so we went in. The restaurant was packed to the max.

After placing order, I expected to wait at least 30 minutes for our food to be served coz the restaurant was full house. After 20 minutes, boy boy's order was served.

Ginger Pork Set (RM24.80). The set comes with a cup of green tea (refillable), a bowl of rice, a cup of chawanmushi and a bowl of miso soup. By the look of it, the amount of pork slices were little. The pork slices were cut into very big pieces which made eating a little bit difficult. The sauce has a slight ginger taste and some onions marinated with their special sauce. It was decent enough.


I dont quite like the chawanmushi, it doesnt taste like typical Japanese flavour, i would prefer Sakae Sushi's version.


Boy boy took 15 minutes to finish the whole set, and my meal has not arrived yet. It has been 35min since I ordered. So I waved the waitress and asked where is mine, she went in and checked and then she told me that another 2 minutes.

But then my meal arrived 10 minutes later (it was already 9.20pm). I think they have forgotten my order lor. Last week in Nagomi Shabu Shabu also like that (dont even get me starting on this story), now Kissaten also like that. My face was already very very 'black', my eyes were like staring at every single waiters and waitress.

Katsudon Set (RM24.80). My mood has affected my judgement on the food I assume. The chicken was soggy, not crunchy at all. The egg sticked to the chicken skin, I cant even differentiate which is which. Nothing special about this dish. I forcefully finished half of the bowl only.

The food not that fantastic, I wonder why it was full house. I might think twice going back there. [And Nagomi I have blacklisted it]. Hate people forgotten my order, especially when I was super hungry.

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AugustDiners said...

Mm.. i have always wondered about this place, but doesnt seem too fancy for a try, huh? :D