Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Marche Movenpick @ The Curve

I wanna go to Popular to buy Guide to Taipei, so we went to e@curve. Boy boy remembered that Nikky mentioned about the delicious mushroom in Marche, so we went in. It was few years since I stepped into this restaurant, but my family kept on coming here to eat the stir fried mushroom. Not to mention that Marche has CIMB 10% discount (woot!).

Last time, we were ushered to our place (few years ago ya), but this time around, once we were inside, we were allowed to choose any place to sit. No need to mention that you can walk freely to choose your choice of food from each counter.



Mushroom soup (RM8.50). This mushroom soup was really really thick, it was totally different from Campbell cream of mushroom. They blend different types of mushroom together and make it so thick, like Nestum or Oats. Boy boy said it was nice, but to me I dont quite like super thick mushroom soup. Hehe.

Rosti with raw sausage (RM7.50+ RM9.90). Then we went for this rosti. The last time I ate it was really crunchy, but this time around, it was just so-so only. The lamb sausage tasted quite good though.

After that, we were quite full, so we headed off to go shopping. Will bring boy boy back to try out other stuffs.

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Service: 6/10

Monday, August 30, 2010

Flavola - Le Meridien Hotel

Was having training over the weekends a month ago in Le Meridian KL. So other than the buffet lunch at Latest Recipe, we got to dine in this Italian restaurant known as Flavola.

First dish was Antipasti that consisted of Insalata Caprese (god knows what it is), smoked salmon and octopus. The Insalata Caprese (tomato with cheese) doesnt taste as bad as it looks though, still eatable. The Smoked Salmon thingy was fresh. The Octopus thingy looks geli, even though it was fulled of garlic taste (i am a super garlic-lover), I still couldnt bring myself to finish it.


A variety of breads and bread sticks for you to choose before the main course.

Prima Piati: Flavola pizza and spaghetti aglio olio pepperoncino. The pizza crust was thin and crunchy at the end. Although it was just basic cheese and tomato, I find it quite tasty. Ate quite a number of pieces.
Spaghetti was plain, tasted like Maggi Mee Goreng. I assumed this comment is an insult to the chef, but I wonder whether he has tasted our local maggi mee goreng or not, it tasted the same.


Secondi: BBQ grilled butter cod. A huge chunk of cod fish was served with some sauce. When this dish arrived, I was 3/4 full already. Not a fan of fish, so I ate 1/4 of the fish only. The presentation was not really good, how to eat a huge chunk of fish like that.


Italian Gelato. Really nice.

For me, I wouldnt pay for these type of food, not that it was not good, but it was just nothing special to shout about. There are nicer Italian restaurant around.

The Meaty House - Subang

Nikky ajak for hochiak so I suggested this place called Nambawan in Old Klang Road area. We used GPS to locate the area. Then we saw the outdoor area is full, so we went inside. Once we sat down, a staff came and gave a really bad attitute. She didnt even pass us the menu and kept on saying have to wait 1 hour, a lot of tables are waiting, then there is this 12 person who reserved the table (who are yet to arrive), she said they need to cook for these 12 person, yada yada.

If she tell us all these politely, we would have wait. But her attitute was really intolerable (feel like slapping her). We left. Who does she thinks she is??? She is not even the boss yet she behaves like that? The boss doesnt even want to serve the customers, she was busy with her kitchen. Suyin overheard a patron saying the food was just so-so only.

We made the correct decision and went to The Meaty House in Taipan who also serves pork dishes. Nambawan thinks that they are the only serving good pork dishes?? "keep skin" la. I wont even want to go back there. Super bad attitute.

The Meaty House was quite empty by the time we reached there, around 9pm. So we ordered 4 different types of main dish so that we can sample all their specialty.

Snow Ice (RM5.50 each).

Cream of Ham (RM6.90). Similar to Campbell soup, they uses ham instead of mushroom. Quite a distinctive taste though.

Grilled Streaky Bacon (RM18.90). First to arrive was this dish. The moment I tasted the first piece, my expectation towards other dishes raised up. This bacon was really good, really crunchy, and not salty like the bacon we buy in supermarket. Eaten togehter with the onion, this dish is really a must-order in this restaurant. I never tasted any more delicious bacon than this.


Grilled Texas BBQ Ribs (RM25.90). The side dishes were really little. The ribs were a bit tough. Actually I was expecting the soft texture similar to Betty Mid West Kitchen. The taste was so-so only.

Mexican Spicy Ribs (RM25.90). Boy boy always say Mexican food has strong armpit smell. But this dish does not have it when I tasted. It tasted better than the previous ribs though. Although it does not have much sauce to it, but the meat itself was marinated.

Grilled Pork Belly and Sausages (RM29.90). The sausage was so-so. I couldnt eat the pork belly, not because of the fats, but the taste was just so weird until I can even take second bite. I would rather give this dish a pass.


La Yoyuex Bistro (formerly known as The Meaty House)
37, Jalan USJ 10/1D,
Taipan Triangle, Subang.

Tiny Ratings:
Deliciousness: 6/10 (8 for the bacon dish)
Ambience: 6
Service: 7

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Delicious Cafe - Bangsar Village 2

Took leave and hang out with Nicole before I start missing her (she is migrating to Melbourne soon). We went to Bangsar Village 2 and intend to shop the boutiques around that area.

Before we start shopping, we went for a brunch at Delicious. Nicole ordered Chicken Avocado Sandwich (RM21.90).

Cheese Burger (RM24.90). The beef patty was thick and juicy. I specially like the onion on top of the cheeser.

After that, we went for shopping. After walked 2 hours under the hot sun, we decided to head back. She has RM10 Hagen Daaz voucher so we ordered a sushi platter (RM35).

From top: Strawberry Gunkan (macademia nut ice cream, strawberry fruit and chocolate), Mango Sorbet Sushi (vanilla ice cream, mango sorbet), Kiwi Gunkan (vanila ice cream, kiwi fruit and chocolate), Mango and passion fruit sushi (macademia nut ice cream, mango and passion fruit ice cream, chocolate).

Notice the 'wasabi' on the top? I dont like the taste, Nicole said it was green tea ice cream but I just couldnt eat it. I specially love the mango passion fruit sushi, the combination was just nice, sweet and sourish together with the macademia nut ice cream, it was perfect. The kiwi and the strawberry sushi was normal. My least favourite was the mango one, I dont know why but I found it weird taste.

Suddenly, I fall in love with Hagen Daaz ice cream, it has been almost 10 years since I last ate HD ice cream. Love the texture but still it is too expensive to eat it everyweek. Too bad they dont have like BR has 31% off.

Friday, August 20, 2010

2 babies

While waiting for boy boy to come back, I played with Baby JL. He is into fish now. His parents bought him a fish tank, a real glamour one. So whenever I come, he will point to me and says 'fish'. That explain why he is holding a fish net.


I asked him come over to camwhore. Photos are a bit blur coz he can stand still.


He starting to look and smile at camera already. Whenever I said 'smile', he smiled. Compared to last time where he avoided camera at all cost.


Introducing another baby -- Baby Tania, my cousin's daughter. 11 months old.


See, told you that my life is full of babies.

Winners Pan Mee - Damansara Jaya

Boy boy felt like eating something with soup, so I thought of trying this new Pan Mee (actually they open for a few months already) shop in Damansara Jaya, near Atria.

Boy boy ordered this dry tomyam version if I am not mistaken. The thing was that he wanted to eating something with soup but dont know why he ordered a dry one. I dont quite like the taste of it.


I followed what the boss recommended - pan mee in spinach soup. I like the soup, very sweet and I love the fact that they put 'kei ji' (mulberry), a lot of them. The pan mee was soft. But they didnt put any mushroom in it.


The offerings were very limited, I think only 6 - 8 types of pan mee options for you to choose. Erm...nothing special about the pan mee. I wonder how long can they last. My statement is a bit sarcastic but I am just stating a fact.

Tiny ratings:
Deliciousness: 5/10
Ambience: 4/10
Price: 6/10

The Wok - Tropicana Mall

Ya, I know that I have abandoned my blog again. Sigh. Have been busy practising my guzheng as I am having exam this Sunday. Practice from 8.30pm to 10 something, after that I am very tired already, so I went to bed. Since today is a Friday night and I have finished practising, I still can sacrifies my sleeping time to blog abit.

I was looking for Indulge but ended up it was closed. It is replaced by this restaurant called The Wok. The first time boy boy and I tried (I didnt bring my camera), the food was not bad. So we decided to go back there again to support them.

Sweet and Sour Pork Rice (RM12.90). The pork was crunchy and it was almost (i said almost ya) on par with my favourite sweet and sour pork in Ampang Park. It was a bit watery and more on the sour side. But overall, it really wasnt bad.


Curry Laksa with roast pork (RM9.90). The roast pork was so-so only. The soup was ok. I still remember the curry laksa with pork ribs sold in OUG which is really good. This one is no where near them.

Quite limited choice for meals but they do offer quite a lot of dishes if you want to try their 'dai chao' style. Since we were always 2 person, it just doesnt worth it to order 2 meat dish and 1 vege dish.

Tiny ratings:
Deliciousness: 5.5/10
Price: 6/10
Ambience: 6/10

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tram Car - 3 two Square

I stumbled upon Tram Car restaurant in other blogger's blog and it is situated near to Boy boy house. So Nikky, boy boy and I went there for dinner. We reached around 8.30pm on a saturday night and the restaurant was very empty, very very empty. Only one table occupied out of 20 over tables. Erm....I started to wonder whether the food is good.

They offer set dinner where the price is quite good actually. If I am not mistaken, it was around RM15 and above to RM20 something. It came with a bowl of soup, main course and dessert. The soup was standard campbell mushroom soup.
Boy boy ordered lamb chop set. The lamb chop was quite fat. Taste-wise so-so only.


Nikky order Fish n Chips set.


Seafood Platter (RM27.90). The platter consists of fish fillet, soft shell crab, 2 mussels, squid, prawn and scallops. The mussels I gave it to Nikky and Boy boy. I cut a piece of soft shell crab to boy boy and he said it tasted weird, seems like it was not fully cook. I trust boy boy taste bud, so i didnt touch the crab at all, scare later i kena food poisoning.

The prawn was fine. The fish and squid were abit fishy taste, i have dipped lots of chilli sauce and tartar sauce to mask the taste. Scallop was alright.


Apple Pie with ice cream. This dessert came as a set for Nikky and Boy boy. I didnt expect they serve apple pie for that type of pricing, which is quite good you see. Normally, all sets in other restaurant come with a scoop of ice cream only. The apple filling was sweet and nice, is just that the pastry was not crunchy enough.


Deliciousness: 5/10
Price: 6/10
Ambience: 6.5/10

Igentis - Tropicana Mall

Everytime on the way to the cinema will pass by this shop called 'Bing Dian' in mandarin (translate to ice snacks?). So i thought they offer a variety of ice dessert. So on a hot night, we decided to try it. Once I sat down and flipped the menu, I was quite disappointed. The name of the shop can be deceiving, they dont have a single ice dessert.

The menu offerings were quite limited. We ordered fried tofu. It does not come with any dipping sauce, quite disappointed lor. Quite bland by just eating the tofu alone. Nothing to shout about.


Boy boy ordered prawn mee. Very tasteless lor, dont even a tint of prawn mee taste., you know it by the look at the color of the curry. The hawker stall in SS2 sells much better prawn mee.


Buttered fried rice. Which is a safe dish to cook, you wont go wrong with buttered something. So-so.


The food are eatable, at least we can finish the whole thing, but the quality of the food was below-par, nothing memorable.

Delicious-ness: 4/10
Service: 5/10
Ambience: 6/10

Monday, August 9, 2010

Tiny Pisses # 13

I was pissed off by attitude of some people, more specifically GUYS who think themselves are the most handsome in the world until all the girls will fall for him. Why I said so? Because I was offended by one such guy.

My company has just recently hired a Chinese guy, a decent looking one (I said ‘decent’ not ‘handsome’ ok) and he is located upstairs of my floor so we seldom met each other. So during a training that was organized by my company 3 days, he attended too. There were like 70 staffs attended the training.

During dinner time, his superior P was seated beside me and asked whether I have met his cute guy that he just hired. PY and I said no. So, P called out for the guy to come over to introduce us officially.

So he came, P introduced me and PY and the guy. The guy said he met me before (yes, I did when he came and apply for the status with his father a year ago). Then I casually answered, “I don’t quite remember you, but I have your name card”.

When we were into the second sentence, he suddenly said, “I am taken”. PY and I stunned abit. He continued saying, “6 years ago I was taken”. PY and I were shocked! Luckily PY responded very fast and answered, “Don’t worry, Siew Mun and I are also taken, both have longer relationship than you, 7 and 8 years”. Now his turn to keep quiet, then he said he needs to go back his place for diner.

I was seriously offended by his sentence. Who the heck ask about whether you are taken or not? You think I am interested in you meh? My boy boy is much more cuter than you! This fella thinks that I wanna tackle him until he said such things during the official introduction. So dem perasan lor. I can’t tahan / tolerate this type of people.

He thinks that his relationship is very long and he feels so superior like that. 6 years very long meh??? You pak toh at 17 years old (he is now 23) also puppy love only lar, maybe you guys will break up another year later? I am so dem mad that I wanna curse people. I am strictly not interested in a 23 year old BOY ok. Not mature at all.

Somemore, he has the guts to tell my other colleagues that his GF earns double than him. Eat ‘slipper rice’ (‘Toh Hai Fun’ translated to guys who depends on girls for money) la him. I know you are a fresh grad, but don’t behave as if the whole company girls will fall for your look ok. Attitude problem.

When people ask about your relationship only you tell ok. Don’t simply go and offend people when people didn’t ask about whether you are ‘taken’ or not. Taken by ghost la you, taken taken.

My colleague suggested that maybe his GF instruct him to tell everyone in the office that he is taken, so no girls will kacau him ma. What! You have no balls until you listen to your GF ar? Your GF has no confidence in you meh? Cheapo.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Xian Ding Wei - The Curve

Went to e@curve with Sze Ting for shopping. Too bad that Sharon and Jackie also not free, if not we can have a girls day out. Reached the place at11.30am and thinking what to eat. And when we passed by this place, I told Sze Ting that I wanna try out this restaurant coz I saw it in One Utama but always forgotten about it whenever I go there.

Both of us ordered a set meal. The set meal consists of a bowl of soup, 3 vege dishes, and a bowl of braised pork rice (you can choose either white rice or braised pork rice with no additional charge).

The soup they served that day was 'wong kua tong' which tasted quite nice, not heavy with ajinomoto. The 2 vege dishes on the left and on the right was weird, I mean weird taste. Sze Ting and I like the middle one though, fried crispy yam, quite nice to bite.


The braised pork rice wasnt bad either, it was quite flavourful and they give quite a lot compared to Fong Lye.


Three Cup Chicken (Sum Pui Kai) set (RM18.90), famous in Taiwan. The chicken was cut into quite big pieces. The sauce was not strong and it was quite bland.


Sweet and Sour Pork Set. The pork was quite big pieces. It was half fats and half thin meat. The sauce tasted more like tomato sauce to me, doesnt taste like our 'tai chao's gu lou yok', I still prefer the latter anytime. The batter was not crunchy enough.

The waitresses were very attentive, the serve our food very fast and refill our drinks frequently. On the restaurant, I smell a very bad smell when I entered, made me really uncomfortable.

Delicious-ness: 6/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10

Friday, August 6, 2010

Pommes Frites - Pyramid (revisit)

Everytime we visit Pyramid, we will drop by this Pommes Frites to eat its Belgian Fries after lunch (click here to see details of first visit). So, this time we went back there again for lunch. Since it was 11.30am, still early, we were the only patron.

Boy boy ordered Roast Chicken Set that comes with a glass of ice lemon tea and a bowl of mushroom soup. The mushroom soup never fail to disappoint us, it was very creamy and thick, not the normal mushroom soup taken from Campbell's tin. I wish they could give more though.


Garlic Bread (RM6). I ordered one portion of garlic bread. Little did I know that it came with some fries too. The garlic bread was crispy, not too garlicky, just nice. The fries come with the standard mayo sauce.


Clam Pot - Large (RM21.90). The last time we tried mushroom cream with wine as base, so this time we chose the tomyam as base. When the waiter took our order, he asked, "with wine or without wine?". Erm....i was struggling whether can tomyam mixed with wine or not? wont diarrhea or food poisoning one ar? I didnt have the guts to try it.


The clams came with boiling hot tomyam soup. Big clams and big mushrooms. The soup was spicy but not sour enough. I would prefer the mushroom cream.

Roast Chicken set (RM21.90). The chicken was salty. I think all Italian style pasta / roast chicken are salty due to the amount of herbs they put in.


Actually, we have another packet of fries that comes together with the pot of clam as a set. The fries were nothing to shout about, it came with the same dipping sauce as the garlic bread set. But this one, they pour the sauce on top of it, made the fries a bit 'jelak' to be eaten. I would rather they put it in a separate cup.

As for the service wise, they have room for improvement. The waiter who served us had a really 'black' face, his expression feels like he wanna kill the customers like that, somemore layan tak nak layan like that. He is not the first time like that one lei, the last time we came also he layan us like that, feel like punching into his face.

Furthermore he took my order wrongly, he thought I ordered 'mussels'. The order was sent to the kitchen. When I waved by hand to ask whether are we allowed to choose the dipping sauce for the fries that comes together with the clam pot, he asked,"U order clam or mussels?". I said clam. Then he quickly ran to the kitchen and change order.

I still will come back to try their fries and other dipping sauce, no doubt as well as the clam pot in mushroom cream!

Delicious-ness: 7.5/10
Service: 5/10
Ambience: 5/10

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kissaten - Jaya One

Wanted to try The Bee in Jaya One on a Sunday night but it was not open. So we walked past Kissaten and browsed through the menu and thought the food was ok, so we went in. The restaurant was packed to the max.

After placing order, I expected to wait at least 30 minutes for our food to be served coz the restaurant was full house. After 20 minutes, boy boy's order was served.

Ginger Pork Set (RM24.80). The set comes with a cup of green tea (refillable), a bowl of rice, a cup of chawanmushi and a bowl of miso soup. By the look of it, the amount of pork slices were little. The pork slices were cut into very big pieces which made eating a little bit difficult. The sauce has a slight ginger taste and some onions marinated with their special sauce. It was decent enough.


I dont quite like the chawanmushi, it doesnt taste like typical Japanese flavour, i would prefer Sakae Sushi's version.


Boy boy took 15 minutes to finish the whole set, and my meal has not arrived yet. It has been 35min since I ordered. So I waved the waitress and asked where is mine, she went in and checked and then she told me that another 2 minutes.

But then my meal arrived 10 minutes later (it was already 9.20pm). I think they have forgotten my order lor. Last week in Nagomi Shabu Shabu also like that (dont even get me starting on this story), now Kissaten also like that. My face was already very very 'black', my eyes were like staring at every single waiters and waitress.

Katsudon Set (RM24.80). My mood has affected my judgement on the food I assume. The chicken was soggy, not crunchy at all. The egg sticked to the chicken skin, I cant even differentiate which is which. Nothing special about this dish. I forcefully finished half of the bowl only.

The food not that fantastic, I wonder why it was full house. I might think twice going back there. [And Nagomi I have blacklisted it]. Hate people forgotten my order, especially when I was super hungry.