Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ribs @ Oasis

This is a bit outdated post. Sze Ting and I visited Sharon and her baby after our facial. Sharon introduced this restaurant to us. This restaurant is located in a quiet area, far from One Utama. There was no patron at that time on a Saturday noon. So, we get to sit at the long sofa, easy for Baby Gaby to sleep / play.

Mushroom Soup. Tasted normal.


Pork Burger. Whenever I enter a restaurant that serves pork, I will immediately order the pork burger without hesitation. How often do you find pork burger? Ribs' version came with a piece of pineapple, bacon, and a standard size pork patty. When I ate the first bite of pork patty, I told Sharon why it tasted weird. Then Sharon told me that it is smoked pork. Aiyor, cham lor, I dont anything that is smoked, i dont like smoked salmon too. Strictly personal taste ya, I think Cristang version is better than this.


Sharon ordered Grilled Salmon. She gave me a piece to try. Aiks, got fishy taste tiem. Sigh, that's why I dont like to eat grill salmon, I only eat raw salmon sashimi. Whenever salmon is being cooked, it tasted fishy. The vegetables and mushroom tasted nice though.


Sze Ting ordered Grilled Pork Loin. Again I dont like the taste wor. Even the special apple sauce tasted weird.


Die lor, 3 dishes I ate also I said not nice, must be my taste bud got problem that day, coz I heard lots of good reviews for this restaurant. When Sharon bought me here, I was so excited coz I heard so much about this place. When I tasted the food dish by dish, it just doesnt suit my taste. I will think twice when coming back here again if the needs arrise.

Thank you Sharon for buying us the dinner.

Ribs @ Oasis
2, Tengkat Bandar Utama,
1-1, BU4 Oasis Complex.
Tel: 7729 8921

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