Thursday, July 8, 2010


My dad gave me a ring and a bracelet for my 21st birthday. On and off I have been wearing the ring. Until last year, I have lost it. The last I remember is that the ring is still in my room, I don’t recall wearing it out. So, I have been searching high and low for it in my room. Everytime I tidy up my room, I was hoping that the ring will appear in front me, but everytime it didn’t.

Until last weekend, I saw it on my cupboard then I was so excited that I asked my mum where she found it. She said when she sweep the floor and thought it was a key chain and she almost threw it away. After that, she asked, “real or fake one ar the ring?” I said, “real white gold and diamond lar! Dad gave it to me as my 21st birthday present”. Then all the mumblings started i.e ‘never keep the things properly”, ‘doesn’t appreciate it at all’.

So I wore the ring on my third finger on Monday and I decided to play a prank (actually several pranks though). PY came to my place and I showed her, “faster congratulate me!”, then waving my ring. She proceeded to ask how it happened, then I tak tahan laughing and told her that it is not my engagement ring.
So, we pulled Angela over and I did the same thing. She was so happy and asked when is my registration date, dinner date, how it happened etc. PY added some extra ‘info’ until the whole thing looks so believable. After pranking her for 5 minutes, I told her the truth.

The third victim was Farid. I waved my ring at him and said, “my bf proposed to me! And I am engaged now!” Farid immediately congrats me and after that he asked, “why the ring is on the third finger and not forth finger?” Then we explained that it is an engagement ring. Farid said, “Finally your bf proposed!”. After like 2 minutes, we told him the truth as well.

I told Farid that I am so desperate until I wore a ring to convince myself that I am engaged and is for my own satisfaction. He laughed like mad.

I think this is a good prank on April Fool day, should have done it 2 months ago, so many people will believe it! I love their expressions.

p/s: but I think next time if boy boy really proposes to me and I tell my colleagues hor, no one will believe me already.

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