Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Overly friendly

I was in a lift with PY and another Malay guy. We are on our way to the office floor. In the lift, we were chatting about World Cup and our conversation was in Cantonese. The only English terms are Holland, Germany and Spain.

I think we spoke about if Holland vs Germany then I will watch the final, if Holland vs Spain then I will not watch, not worth waking up early in the morning to watch lousy team (I supported Spain last World Cup but they disappointed me, so I don’t wanna support them this time around) compete.

When the lift reached the 10th floor, the Malay guy walked out and suddenly he turned his head back to us and pointed at us, saying “I like Spain”. PY and I were shocked, our jaws dropped and we don’t know how to response.

WTH do you want to jump into strangers’ conversation??? It means that you are listening to our conversation throughout, and you don’t know what we are talking about except football. If you understand Cantonese, you wouldn’t say that you like Spain coz I said I don’t wanna support Spain. So rude to listen to our people conversation, moreover wanna give us your comment.

Your company don’t have kaki to talk about football with you meh?? Or you wanna hit on PY and this was your so-call pick up line on her? So lame. She doesn’t watch World Cup ok. She wont reply you by saying, “Oh really! I love Spain too!”

Sometimes, I think Malaysians are overly friendly.

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phuiyee said...

hahahah..you are right. i dont watch worldcup. wasting my time. i rather sleep. hahhhaa...so lame la the malay guy..