Saturday, July 31, 2010

Macau Day Trip - Part II

Ali Portuguese Curry House. Just tell the taxi driver that you want to go to "Ka Lei Uk" (curry house) and he will bring you there. This restaurant was strongly recommended by Uncle David. My dad and bro were skeptical of portuguese food coz they said it was not nice. But they gave it a try though. How can we go Macau and not eating portuguese food???

This restaurant was located just beside a more famous restaurant called Maxims. When we first entered the restaurant, it smell likes our Indian curry and thinking that how can the curry here beats our Indian curry?? My perception was totally wrong as their version of curry has different spice or ingredients.


Portuguese curry beef. The curry was different from our local curry. It is not spicy and it does not have strong curry smell. The beef was tender but a bit too big slice. The curry was unique, dont know how to describe it but I like it, and my family like it too.


Portuguese chicken. This dish was a bit sweet.


Pork knuckles. Bro regretting ordering this dish coz the pork smell was very strong. He said it tasted like a thick slice of bacon like that. Sigh, I think we better stick to the Germans for pork knuckles.


After that, we took a cab to The Venetian Casino, cost around HKD50 also. Some scenery along the way.



Free shuttle to and fro from the port to Venetian.


We first entered the casino. It is really a big casino, 3x our Genting casino size. The environment is clean too even it is a smoking area. Lots of table vacant and we even saw some dealers waiting for customer to come and play. Bro didnt play coz parents around. Hehe.

After that, we went to the Venetian Shopping Complex. Woo! The building was designed similar to Venice, Italy. They went to the extend to create a sunset sky as the ceiling.




A real person in suit. When he moves, every was shocked.


Gondola ride for HKD100. The person who is stirring the gondola will sing song for you.


My mum and I busy taking photos while bro went into the Lacoste shop.


We thought he was trying for Lacoste shoes but when he came out, he told us that a China lady kept on asking him to try for her. Kacau-ing him seeing shoes. He also no mood already. One thing in Macau is that you see lots and lots of China people there. The way they behave, I really cannot tahan them, so lansi and so loud.


We took FirstFerry back to Tsim Sha Tsui port. The ticket cost a few RM higher than TurboJet but this ferry is a much bigger boat than TJ. It was stagnant when waiting for people to board the boat. While it moves, it feels nothing. I would prefer FF anytime.


Bye Bye Macau!

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