Saturday, July 10, 2010

LRT sux again

Yesterday was a Friday, so I left the office at 5.30pm hoping to get home early to pack my bags (going to Hong Kong and Macau on Sunday), when I reached the LRT station, there was the new LRT waiting at the station, so I went in and found a seat.

5 minutes, there was an announcement saying that there is a technical problem, and train will move slowly and stop longer at each station. So I continued to seat there hoping it will moves, slowly also is fine with me.

The announcement came every 3 minutes. Another hour, they added on the train will resume another 30 minutes. Since I have no other means of transportation, I sat there.

I finished reading the 2 newspapers, went through it twice, and slept for 15 minutes still not moving at all. Around 7pm, I called Boy boy, he was eating dinner in Puchong, so he said he will come pick me up after dinner.

Then I waited until 7.20 like, the train door closes, OH THANK GOD! It started to move. I was so happy. Then when boy boy called, half way talking on the phone with him, the train emergency break! It stopped in between KLCC and Ampang Park station. I said, "oh no".

1 minute later, it moved backwards! GOSH! Then I said that's it, I asked boy boy come pick me up. Stupid train, ding dong front back, you think I so free??? Wasted my time seating there.

So I went back up and meet Angela (She was waiting for her husband), went to McD to tabao some fries while waiting for Boy boy.
7.45pm, the train resumed normal. Stupid right??? Waisted 2 hours for nothing! Dem pissed!

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