Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Loong Foong - Seapark

My bro praises the deliciousness of the roast duck at Loong Foong after trying, so he came back and told my dad and said the roast duck is much more better than Sunrise. So, for family dinner together with Gu Cheh, we went to Loong Foong.

Stir fried celery with sotong. Not a fan of celery, so I didnt try this dish.

Yam Basket. The texture of the yam was mediocre only, not crunchy, a bit soggy. The ingredients was bland too.


Beancurd. Normal.


Jeng jeng jeng! The roast duck with its sauce. The roast duck was soft and it is not hard to bite it off, love the taste. But Gu Cheh complained that the skin is not crispy enough and the sauce is not nice. I didnt dip the sauce coz it has strong 'mien si' (fermented bean) taste which is very salty. Eating the duck alone is enough to satisfy me. Indeed, the duck is way much better than Sunrise. I ate quite a number of pieces.

The chilli sauce and mien si sauce that comes with the duck.


Braised Yuen Tai (pork knuckles). The sauce was fine but the meat was a bit tough. Credit to the restaurant as they gave lots of BIG pieces of mushroom. Sure my sis will like it.


The dishes was normal in this restaurant but the duck was superb. I super like the duck.

Loong Foong
1, Jalan 20/13,
Paramount Garden.
Tel: 7876 9045

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