Thursday, July 15, 2010

Little Canton Restaurant - Kota Damansara

Saw the advert from this restaurant in Red Tomato magazine and thought of giving it a try. They offer dim sum buffet for RM17. Since it is quite a good deal, I was expecting some crowd there so I called up the day before and wanted to make a reservation (we have 11 people). The lady who picked up my call was not friendly and she said reservation is not necessary.

When we reached there, the restaurant was quite small and quite empty too. No doubt there was a few tables occupied but there are some spaces for all of us. Michelle looked quite taken aback due to the not-so-crowded restaurant.

The service was not attentive, we have to wait for 10 minutes to order our tea. This is not acceptable since the restaurant is not crowded. We went to the steam area where you get to choose your own dimsum and they will steam it on the spot.

The dim sum offerings were not much. There is another area for fried stuffs and porridge and the offerings were not much either. The porridge was diluted and the fried stuffs were soggy. There was this uncle kept taking the fried stuffs more than 10 rounds, I wonder why coz the fried stuffs were sucky.


Glutinous rice (Loh Mai Kai) tasted like soy sauce, the char siew pao tasted like soy sauce too. I quite like the lao sha pao, although the egg yolk doesnt flow out but considering the standard here, I think the lao sha pao is decent enough.

Curry fish balls. Mich and Scott think that this is the most decent one. But to me the lemongrass taste was a tad too strong.


All the dim sums.





The dim sums sux big time. The skin was super thick and the ingredients were not that good either. Even the siu mai and har gao were not up to par. The cheaper dimsum shops in Taman Megah tasted much better than this.

Since fried durian was recommended in Little Canton's blog, we added on a plate (RM6). Luckily we ordered one plate coz the batter was chewy and not crispy at all. The durian does not have strong durian taste, wonder what type of durian they used. Totally a waste of money. Ice Room's durian tempura was 10x better.


All 11 of us were disappointed with the dimsum here. Some of them even said that RM17 definately not worth it, they would rather pay for the ala-carte dim sum elsewhere. I dont think we will come back here ever again. We felt cheated.

Little Canton Restaurant
61-G The Strand Jln Pju5/21
Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Tel/Fax: 03-61426168

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Kristine said...

I also saw the advertisement from the Red Tomato since last year. So far haven't go there and try it. Thanks for information, I think I will rather give up to try the dim sum there.