Thursday, July 15, 2010

Kimchi Korean - Tropicana Mall

We were searching for Indulge since it has some quite good reviews from bloggers, but couldnt find it. When we try to locate the exact lot number, it has become another restaurant. swt. Always like that, when I wanted to try certain restaurants with good reviews, they are gone. It happened again when I went searching for a steamboat restaurant (will write about it in the next post).

We were served with 5 banchan. All also a bit bland.


Boy boy ordered Nak Chee So Myeon (octopus noodles) (RM20.80). By the look of it, it doesnt look nice, watery, redish, like meehoon in tomato sauce like that. But I can say that dont be deceive by its look, it was quite ok, eatable with a unique taste with a hint of korean cooking style.


I was on the safe side, I ordered Sizzling Chicken (RM18.80). It came piping hot with chicken pieces emerged in a bunch of sauce. The taste was quite good but I dont like the chicken pieces, they look quite raw to me, but Boy boy they are cooked. The sauce was really oily, I felt a bit jelak towards the end.


The food are priced quite expensive but still reasonable considering it is Korean food. But the drinks were priced a little too high: the korean tea cost RM5 per cup (refillable), I get the tea free in Dae Jeung Gum le. Considering the expensive tea, we ordered Orange juice (RM6.90) and chocolate shake (RM5.90).

Kimchi Korean
Tropicana Mall
Tel: 03-77299643

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