Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ip Man: The Legend Is Born

Now I am into movie reviews, am I? When this movie was advertised shortly after the famous Ip Man 2, I guess that the film makers are leveraging the hype of the Ip Man to promote this movie.

I didn’t quite like the main character Denis To after watching the preview coz he looks like the actor who acted in TVB series, lawyer ‘soong sai kit’. Denis To’s look is not my cup of tea. So I was a bit reluctant to watch this movie at first. However, since it has Yuen Biao in it, I quite like him since the old days, and with a thinking of watching some Chinese Kung Fu, I went and watched it with Boy boy yesterday.
The storyline was really slow and really dull. It was maintained at the same frequency throughout the whole movie. So, don’t bother about the storyline.

Action wise, the Weng Chun was really good and fast. I can say that Denis To did a good job in his kung fu (yup, what do you expect since he is the youngest World Kung Fu champion?), but still I don’t like his face, I like his body though, well-proportioned. Still prefer Donnie Yen (Oh, Legend of Chen Zhen is coming out soon!).

The only scene that bind my eyes to the screen without blinking was Ip Chun (guest star as Leong Pik) fighting with young Ip Man. I was really impressed with Ip Chun’s martial art skills and his fast reflex. 80 year old man can still play Weng Chun with style! Do notice the scene where he turned his body after pinning down Ip Man and grabbed the herbs basket and put it back in place in a lighting speed.

Samo Hung samo hung, nowadays he appears in movies also ended up dying because of health problem; Yuen Biao was so-so only la, being whacked madly by the Japanese enemy; Louis Fan was as macho as ever, at least he get to have longer screening time compared to previous 2 Ip Man movies.

Overall my rating for this movie is B.

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