Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hong Kong Day 4

After being cheated for dinner, we went back to our hotel in YMT, nearby there is Hui Lao Shan, a dessert shop famous for its mango dessert. It was 10pm and the shop was full house. We managed to find a place.


We just ordered a bowl of mango dessert. It came with a mango pudding at the bottom, topped with a scoop of mango ice cream and surrounded with mango puree and mango cubes.


It was refreshing considering the hot weather. Now I wish Malaysia has this version of mango dessert. Yum yum!


The last day of our HK trip. We went to nearby Char Chan Teng and try our its breakfast. Milk tea and lemon tea were served in an aluminium mug to preserve the heat of the drink.


Toast bread with butter and jam.


Polo bun (pineapple bun) with ham and egg.


Pork chop with toast. Bro said it was way much better than the Macau pork burger.


The breakfast cost HKD60, the cheapest meal we had in HK.

We walked along Nathan Road for some last minute shopping. We still have lots of cash remaining and didnt shop enough. My mum managed to buy lots of items during our 2 hours shopping in different shops.

We regret not shopping along Nathan Road for the small small shops as these shops have really nice clothes and the price was not expensive. We wasted too much time on Citygate, Lai Chi Kok and Cheong Sha Wan. The next time I come to HK, I will know where to shop first. Should have stay one more night here.

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