Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hong Kong Day 3

While we were on the way to HK port, we stopped by Tsim Sha Tsui for breakfast at SuperStar Seafood.


We were given a piece of paper to tick what dim sum we want. The variety was not much though.


Popia. A bit oily. The ingredients were all vege.


"Teng Chai" porridge. Since it is so famous in HK, we went and tried it. The porridge was really smooth. But I dont like it has intestines in it.


Har Gao (prawn dumpling). The skin was a bit thick. It has a big prawn in it.


Chicken feet - tasted normal. Siu Mai - love the 'kei ji' on top.


Char siu pao.


Fu Chuk. I love this fu chuk, the sauce was nice and the ingredient in it was nice too, made of vege.


When we went out, we noticed that lots of celebrities have visited this restaurant before, even Discovery Channel has featured them. Guess they didnt come for the dimsum. I think they are more famous with their crabs.



After the dimsum, we went to Macau (a separate post on Macau).

We came back at TST and walked to Avenue of Stars. A HK version of Hollywood Walk of Fame. It is located at the sea, we get to see Hong Kong on the other side.





Bruce Lee statue.


Found Cecilia Cheung's star but couldnt find Nicholas Tse.


After that, we went to Kowlong Tong coz Uncle David said there is a shopping complex that cater wide range of customers, from cheap clothing to expensive ones. We were not done with our shopping so we went to that place called "Yao Yat Seng" (another city?).

Inside the shopping complex, we went to this chinese restaurant for dinner.


All the 3 dishes we ordered was on 50% discount.

Peking duck. The captain himself cut the duck skin but I think he was either lack of skill or his mood was not good that day. Where got peking duck served with thick meat one??? so lousy.


The wrap was thick and big. Not nice.


Steamed fish, normal.


We have to add on another RM30 for the second version of the duck.


Flaming beef.


The beef tasted nice, but because we were so full, we couldnt finish this.


We were cheated by the restaurant. Why? We ordered orange juice each. Beside the orange juice, we were served a pot of hot water. When the bill came, it stated tea - HKD55. We told the captain that we didnt order tea, he just say, "oh, is included". Like that.

All of us were like @@. They didnt serve us "TEA", they only served us "WATER" and they charged us for that??? What nonsense! If we know that tea is a COMPULSARY drink, we wouldnt have ordered the juice. At least you give me TEA lar, not hot water.

That's the most expensive hot water that I have drank in my life. What a stupid system. I wonder all the HK chinese restaurant has this time of system or only this restaurant.

The bill total was HKD600. Definately not worth eating. Even more expensive than my Yung Kee dinner (HKD500). and tipu our money. So next time if you go HK, just settle with the tea no matter how much the tea cost. Dont bother ordering other drinks.

Should have listen to my dad and eat western food.

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