Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hong Kong Day 2

After an almost sleepless night, we woke up at 7.30am preparing to go for dimsum breakfast. A bit hard to find dimsum restaurant that opens early morning. We went to one place just located a street behind our hotel. I forgotten what was the restaurant name, something like Tak Yue I think.

The building was really old and the lift was really lousy. I told my dad that if we come out from the lift and see no one in the restaurant, we will leave. But to our surprise, there were quite a number of people in there, specifically OLD people. They were like drinking tea and reading newspaper.

Erm....ok, I think we can try this old style dim sum though. The dimsums were being pushed in a cart. We ordered loh mai kai (chicken glutinuous rice), which was wrapped in lotus leaf and it was really a big serving. The ingredients were little but the glutinuous rice was a lot.

Hong Kong version of LMK was slightly different from ours, theirs was very fair, without soy sauce I think. It tasted ok.


The environment.


The bad thing was the cart with a new range of dimsum was being pushed out every 10 minutes. We just waited for 2 carts and left after that. The variety wasnt a lot. Quite bored waiting for a new cart. We wanted to ask them for more but scared that they will scold us, you know Hong Kong people in the service industry are famous for their 'lan si' attitute.


Vegetable dumpling - a bit oily but it tasted quite nice. The siew mai was mediocre.


Prawn chee cheong fun. Very thick skin, that was why we dont like it.


Char siew bao. Again it was so-so only.


We sat at a table for like 8 people. And an uncle came and 'tap toi' (shared table), I dont know why he dont wanna sit elsewhere, the restaurant not crowded also. When we left, a staff came and scolded the uncle, 'u one person only sit so big table for what!' The uncle replied that there is no table available. The waiter continued scolding, 'where got no table! so many tables! you go and find one small table to sit!'. fierce one, pity that uncle.

See, told you that Hong Kong people are fierce.

After the dimsum, we took the MTR to Tung Chung station and went to Citygate outlet mall.


The branded stuffs were not cheap. The same Coach bag that I bought in USA only cost RM400 but there was selling RM1200. Where got cheap? All other branded shops were not cheap la.

But the crocs outlet was cheap, less variety though. Mum bought a pair for RM70 and dad bought another pair for RM60. I didnt buy coz it does not have the pair that I wanted.

Went into Espirit outlet. The clothes were really cheap compared to Malaysia, but the style was not nice, the men's shirts left all the big big sizes. I managed to buy one shorts and one top; Mum bought 2 pairs of pants; we bought sis a jacket; bro bought a pants.

After that, we went to Lai Chi Kok coz that is the area for warehouse clothing. We found the building but we went to search for food first. Ended up in Kei Wah Siu Chu (the chain famous for its bakery).


Beef noodles.


Char Kuey Teow, well almost the same as our CKT, it was called char ho fun.


Beef Ho Fun.


Braised yee mee.


Dont bother to go to this restaurant, nothing to shout about.

We went to opposite Hong Kong Industrial Centre where all the warehouse clothing is located. The area was big but the walk way was very small and packed. A lot of shops stating that 'no retail' and the clothes were not nice either. We didnt buy anything.


Just outside of the Lai Chi Kok MTR station there was this bakery shop. Brother bought egg tart and polo bao.


Feeling disatisfied for not buying anything here, we went to Cheong Sha Wan, another wholesale shops area. The shops were not located in a building, they were all situated along the main road and we have to bear the hot sun and walk one shop by one shop. Until one point, we gave up coz it was freaking hot.

We went to Tsim Shai Tsui to look at my G2000 shop --> that's my intention to come to HK.



We reached G2000 around 3.30pm and spent 2 hours inside. The clothes were not 'very' cheap if compared to Malaysia (I heard other people saying that G2 is dirt cheap in HK, so I think my expectation was not met). They were having sales that time and also offered additional 10% if you buy 3 items and above.

Well, this receipt was what we bought.

I bought the most la! around 11 pieces of clothing. Mum bought 3, dad bought 2 and I bought 3 for boy boy, and the extra is my bro. I didnt know that there was an additional 25% of total bill, if I know at that point of time, I will buy more! I checked the bill only before I slept on that day. I wonder where the 25% discount comes from.

Dad met a long time friend, Uncle David Ho in HK. He brought us to Lei Yeu Mun to eat seafood.





First, you have choose your fresh seafood from a shop. Do note that there are more than 20 over shops in that area. Each shop has different offering. I saw one shop that has a lobster bigger than my head, it has a tank on its own!

Uncle David brought us to this shop, his usual shop to choose the seafood.







After choosen the seafood, the staff will bring it to this restaurant for cooking. The concept is somewhat similar to Unique Seafood in PJ, it just that Unique Seafood is everything under one roof.


Lobster noodle. I took quite a lot of lobster meat, the noodle has some cheese taste in it.


Scallops. The scallop was really big, and it was topped with ginger garlic sauce and some dong fun. I love this scallop! It was really fresh and the sauce really matches the freshness of the scallop. I sapu everything except the intestinal parts of the scallop, gave it to my bro.



Steam sek ban fish, I dont know how many star ban though.


Pepper Salted squid. True to its name, it was really really salty! Everyone of us cant take a second piece after forcefully finish the first piece. I wonder why they still provide extra salt.


Bei Fong Tong fried crab, which is quite unique hong kong style of cooking. It was a bit salty but I could eat it. Ate quite a lot of crab too.


Guess how much is the whole meal? HK2000 which is equivalent to RM1000. The most expensive dinner that I ever had, or maybe not, the one most expensive I think it should be the Kobe beef we ate in Japan when I was around 13 years old. I think both this dinner was on par which each other.

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