Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hong Kong Day 1

Spent some time with my parents and bro in Hong Kong and Macau for 4 days 3 nights, free and easy trip. We took Cathay Pacific, the food really sux, but the airplane seating was super comfortable coz it is an Airbus. I would prefer CP compared to MAS although CP's food sux.

Hello Hong Kong! Meet my new sunglasses. We arrived around 2.30pm and waited for our luggage for 1 hour, we almost thought all 3 our luggages gone missing.


Hong Kong are filled with lots and lots of high-rise buildings. I wonder how people can stay so high up, so scary.


Checked in to Casa Hotel, Yau Ma Tei. The MTR station is just 1 minute walk away, which is super convenient. But the hotel is super small. Barely has space to put my luggage and my bro's luggage. My parents' room are even smaller.


The smallest bathroom that I have ever encounter. Basically the area just consists what you see below. A bigger size person cant even go in. Small is fine, but whenever we shower, the water will flow out to the carpet outside, and become wet. So we have to wear hotel slipper around that area, if not the socks will be wet. My bro kena.


We took the MTR to Central and trying to locate the Mid Level Escalator, Hong Kong longest escalator. Luckily, they have signboard showing you the direction. The escalator is divided into few stages, it extends until quite high on top, but nothing to see one. Along the escalator are a lot of foreign bars and pubs.


After taking the escalator to the highest point, we have to walk back down the street. Along the way, we went into a market place.


Since the airplane food sux, we found a dessert shop to have tea time. It is called Hang Fa Lao. We saw there were 2 tables occupied so we thought it might not be a bad place to have dessert. The waitress were quite polite and good.

Yong Ji Kam Lou. Quite refreshing.


Black sesame. My mum always complain on the black sesame that are offered in Malaysia but she didnt complain this, should be a good sign though.


Dad ordered TauFuFa. It came with a bottle of brown sugar. The taufufa is very smooth and light.


I ordered ice cream tong yuen in red bean soup. Instead of sugar/peanut/black sesame, it was filled different taste of ice cream. There were 2 corn ice cream and 1 black sesame ice cream. Although it tasted weird, but I like the concept, should incorporate more different taste of ice cream, like chocolate or vanilla. Dad likes the red bean soup.


Fried Cheong Fun. Thick cheong fun with soy sauce, not bad.


Fried Popiah. Very oily, the taste is very distinct, dont know how to describe.


They have 4 different branches in HK.


After that, we walked to Yung Kee, famous for its roast goose at 6pm. We were seated at Level 2. Bear in mind that Hong Kong people count ground floor as 1st floor ya, so be careful when pressing the lift.


Mixed vege.


The famous roast goose (I said famous is because once you google 'hong kong roast goose', Yung Kee will appear every single time and lots and lots of bloggers have blogged about it). We ordered half portion. It was not as big as what I bought in Pudu here. It is slightly more oily (lots of fats) and the meat was soft.

It was my bro first time eating roast goose, so he cant compare anything. The most he can said was it taste better than duck. Dad likes it. Mum said it was fat. To me, it was decent enough and I ate a lot because the meat was tender. It was not heaty as it was not heavy with herbs (compared to Pudu).


Beef stir fried with water chestnut and yao zha kwai. A bit salty but the beef was tender and I like the water chestnut. The taste was nice.


Outside of the restaurant.


After that, we walked to Lan Kwai Fong. It was the day of WorldCup Final, and you can see all sorts of flags hanging around. Lots of pubs and bars too.



The street was not so happening coz it was just 7 something. I think it will be crowded once it become night. This area is something like our Bangsar / Mont Kiara like that.



After Central, we went to Mongkok, walked around Women's Street and some other street. Now, Mongkok was happening, it was like 'people mountain people sea'. I wanted to take a photo but dont dare coz I scare I will get lost from my parents and bro. So many people. And some street performers.

From Mongkok, we slowly walked back towards our hotel in YMT. We bumped into Yee Shun Dairy, which is famous for double boiled milk. Convinced my mum to go in. The waitress were not friendly. The shop was not packed, I think it is very late already.

Double boiled steam egg. Extremely smooth and light. My mum said very delicious.


I ordered ginger double boiled milk. I love the strong ginger taste and the boiled milk was extremely smooth and light. If you are there, just order one bowl per person, it will not satisfy you if you are sharing with someone. It is that good.


Mum was so impressed with the shop until we tabao the same thing before we depart to the airport on our last day.


We walked to Temple Street (Miu Kai), not so happening pasar malam sort of street.


Went back to hotel and it was around 11pm. Tried to sleep but couldnt coz the wall was not so sound-proof, our neighbour was very noisy, talked loud loud and laughed loud loud. Dont know why they so late still went in and out of the hotel and keep banging the door. Everytime she bang the door, i woke up. sigh.

Due to this reason, I think when my bro's alarm clock rang at 2.30am (world cup final), I woke up and watch (at the same time also the neighbour went out and watch worldcup too) the world cup. Boring match, hooligans holland, like playing taekwando like that. So I slept back during the additional time and wokeup when my bro shouted 'goal!'.

After that, I slept but my bro still continue watching how the Spanish celebrated their victory.

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