Sunday, July 4, 2010

Germany vs Argentina

Shit, couldnt sleep well last night, not because Argentina has lose (I switched side to support Germany coz my bro supports Germany and I support my bro), it was due to my back and thigh pain like mad! I went for a chinese 'tui na' (massage) at 4pm. It is my routine massage every month.

So when Hong Jie (the massage lady) asked whether I have back pain or waist pain, I said no, it just the shoulder and neck pain. So, she said she wanna massage the side of the thigh and the area just next to the pelvic bone. Once she touches it, I screamt like mad! Dem pain until I squeezed my the towel and Hong Jie asked me to tahan the pain.

I asked her, "Hong Jie, why cant you like me have a relaxing massage?? U always will find somemwhere that I am pain of". She laughed and told me that her responsibility is to treat patient with pain or blockage in the blood, so is her job to find somewhere that I have blockage. I swt big time.

Since yesterday night while watching football, both my thigh felt like blue-black. That was the reason why I woke up at 7.45am today and wrote this post coz I couldnt sleep. Back pain due to the 'bak kun' (the chinese traditional cup that stuck to your back for 10 minutes), when I want to change my sleeping position to side ways, the side of the thigh pain. Dem suffering.

Nikky ajak us to watch the match yesterday night, he suggested to go to Laundry, The Curve. We reached there at 9pm and the place was packed to the max! I think people went there early and had dinner, and waited for the football. Saw lots of Argentina fans and some vuvuzeula too.

Then we went to Sunway Giza, a new hang out place in Kota Damansara. The pubs were packed too! So dem crazy la. So we managed to find a place at nearby mamak just before the game started. And we have to endure the smelly drain smell flowing there. Yucks! But better than no place to watch football (our last resort is Kinyu's house).

Lots of Argentina fans too. You can see it when the Argentinian scored a goal and it was offside. Then somewhere behind us was a guy who is a Germany fan, he kept on shouting, "Go Germany! One more one more!". He was really excited.

It was a good match, and Argentinians was humiliated by the Germans. Poor them. Now, I hope that the Germans wont become so 'cloud 9' until the win the worldcup.

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S.Taylor said...

hi may i know the place u do ur usual massage?