Friday, July 2, 2010

Clarks Warehouse Sales 2010

Thursday while we were on the way for lunch, we saw quite a number of people taking big plastic bags with boxes in it. Then only I remembered that there is Clarks warehouse sale on-going in Corus Hotel. Due to our limited lunch time hour, we didn’t go for the sale.

So, on Friday, we went there. Angela already sparkled some interest in buying shoes while PY said she will not be buying shoes coz she wanna buy Clinique and sunglasses and iPhone. And me, don’t intend to buy anymore shoes coz I just bought 2 pairs in Isetan 3 weeks ago. But still I sakit hati coz I didn’t get to buy Clarks, which is famous for the quality and comfortability.
The crowds were crazy at the shoe display area, especially women’s shoes. Women just pushed around to go to the table and get a glimpse of what Clarks has. We were being pushed by all sorts of women: thin, fat, short, tall etc and can you imagine, pregnant woman was there to push too! Sei mei! Besides, Angela said she was being pushed by a fat woman with big boobs.

Pushing went on and on until the tables went inwards and inwards. One staff had to announce using microphone and asked the people don’t push.

The price for women’s shoes range from RM120 (sandals, court shoes) to RM200 (boots), which is a good deal considering Clarks shoes always priced above RM250 till RM400. No wonder these people are crazie.

There was quite a big space in the middle for you to take your shoe and try there. So while PY and Angela had taken their shoes, I sat down there and jaga for them, since I am not buying (take a knife and stab me!!!).

The 3 ladies sat beside me were trying lots and lots of shoes. The stacked their boxes at least 3 layers until other people thought they are displaying the shoes for sales. A girl came and took the shoe and wanted to try on, then the ‘owner’ said these shoes are hers, not display shoes. Another half an hour later, each of them took 7 pairs of shoes, read again, EACH of them took 7 pairs of shoes and paid at the counter. Wah! So crazie meh. Even PY can’t beat them! 7 pairs one shot.

PY kept on saying don’t wanna buy don’t wanna buy, but she took a pair of beige color heels to match her cheongsam. This took her quite a while to think whether she should purchase it. After deciding that she is buying it, she went off to round the area again and came back with another pair of flats. I swt. When she decided to buy this flats again, she teman Angela to find her shoes, ended she took another pair of flats to try. Now, she couldn’t decide which flats to purchase.

Angela spotted 2 favourite pairs of shoes, but it ran out of sizes, she is size 3. She has such a small feet, small size also run out of sizes, poor her. Angela seldom has the urge to purchase things, today she wanna buy but didn’t have her size. So, she settled with a pair of wedges which is very comfy.

Ended up PY bought 2 pairs and Angela bought a pair, and I, didn’t buy anything (Kill me now!).

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