Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Toy Story 3

When it was 5pm, PY came and asked whether I wanna go shopping with her. She desperately need to buy a bag for casual usage coz her current has spoilt and now she is using recycle bag to carry her stuffs, include her wallet. She said she will only go back home at 10pm. Then I suggested that we catch a movie after the shopping then ngam ngam will be 9something.

We bought tickets for Toy Story 3 since newspaper rated it 5 out of 5 stars and internet critics rated it as A++. My bro also told me that it was really nice. After buying the tickets, we went and shop for PY bag.

We enter the cinema around 7.10pm. The movie ended around 9.10pm.

I heard lots of laughter in the cinema, especially PY’s loud laugh coz she was sitting just beside me. No doubt the movie was really funny.

There are 2 parts I really adore:
1) The Spanish version of Buzz Lightyear
2) The thin version of Mr. Potato Head.

Every both of these versions appear, I loud out loud. How can the screen writers be so creative???

Now, I think I fall in love with the 3 tiny aliens. Especially they became the hero with their ‘claw’.

Not a fan of Toy Story but I really think that this movie is worth a watch. Very entertaining and a good movie to release tension. The ending couldn’t be much better and now we have to say bye bye to the Woody, Buzz, Jessie and her horsie, Mr and Mrs Potato Head, T-rex, aliens, and the sausage dog.

My rating for the movie will not be A++ but it definitely deserves an A.

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