Wednesday, June 30, 2010


While we were on the way to Tropicana Mall to watch A-Team, Boy boy sing a theme song and asked whether it belongs to this movie. I realized that the song is very familiar but I really couldn’t remember since the A-Team was shown years ago. I can only remember Mr. T and his Mohawk!

The show started with the rhythm that Boy boy sang in the car! He does have a good memory. The characters are introduced at the front part of the movie and how they got together and conduct mission successfully.

I specifically like the part where Murdock, the mad pilot hang on the wings of the helicopter and sang ‘you spin my head right round right round’ (Timbaland’s song). The way he drove the helicopter like an aeroplane was an eye-opener.

The movie was filled with humours, so do enjoy while watching it. The actions are a bit exaggerating but that is what A-Team is all about, right?

I rate the movie A-.

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