Friday, June 11, 2010

Dae Sa Guan - Desa Sri Hartamas

Eating for my birthday dinner with my family. We went back for Da Sae Guan, our second visit there. Missing the beef steamboat. We requested a table at a corner of first floor.
Banchan. They gave a lot of banchan, 13 of them in total. I dad specifically like the 'siham'. Other banchan was not bad too, especially the mushroom banchan.

BBQ pork with house specialty sauce, which is nothing special. The meat was dry and there was no flavour to it. We wanted to order the marinated pork but we decided to go with the house specialty sauce, ended up disappointed.

Steamboat beef. The last time we ate, all of us love the soup and the meat. But this time, dont know why it tasted not as good as last time. We took out all the beef slices as we scare it would be overcooked. The soup was peppery, good during rainy days.

Jap Chae. Very oily, we would prefer the dae jang gum version.

Beef slices. Not bad. quite thick piece.

The bill came up to around RM120. Maybe we will try out other Korean restaurant nearby next time.

Dae Sa Guan
OG, Jalan 25/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas
Tel: 23001004


taufulou said...

just stumble acrross your blog..

not bad ah~

all the places you went never heard b4..:D

vialentino said...

wow...the food looks yummy....chun ler