Friday, June 11, 2010

Castell - Section 14

One night, boy boy and I felt like eating chops in a nice environment. During his searches with his GPS, Castell popped up. I have dined here years ago (I think 10 years ago with my family) and didnt go back there, I guess the steaks were not up to our standard I think). So, this time, I decided to bring boy boy there to give it another try.

On a sunday night peak dinner hours, the parking was convenient as there was not many patrons in the restaurant. We were seated beside a glass window, like few steps away from boy boy's new car, while chatting and while admiring his new 'wife'.

Bread with oil was served first. The bread was soft but this skin was a bit tough.

Lamb Cutlet. I love the amount of corn that they gave, super love corns. The lamb was half meat half fats. Boy boy cut out a piece of burned fat and asked me to it since I super love 'jue yao cha' (burned pork fats). At first I was reluctant but he convinced me to try it. Once I put it into my mouth, the fats melted and the burned side was so crunchy. Superb! I wish I can have more of that but need to jaga badan also.

The lamb was so-so, nothing to shout about. I just felt that the size of lamb was a bit too small.

Chicken Parmigiana pasta. The chicken pieces were well-marinated but it was on the salty side. Have to eat it together with the pasta. The pasta was oily. Love the small pieces of garlic. Not a bad dish actually despite the oiliness.

They offer quite a limited selection of steaks and pastas. Not as comprehensive as The Ship. But I wouldnt mind coming back when I feel like having a quiet time for boy boy and I for dinner. The Ship is just too crowded and the oil-smell from the sizzling plates will stick to your clothes.

Castell Restaurant & Bar
19, Lorong University C,
Section 16, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 7955 0532

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