Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Toy Story 3

When it was 5pm, PY came and asked whether I wanna go shopping with her. She desperately need to buy a bag for casual usage coz her current has spoilt and now she is using recycle bag to carry her stuffs, include her wallet. She said she will only go back home at 10pm. Then I suggested that we catch a movie after the shopping then ngam ngam will be 9something.

We bought tickets for Toy Story 3 since newspaper rated it 5 out of 5 stars and internet critics rated it as A++. My bro also told me that it was really nice. After buying the tickets, we went and shop for PY bag.

We enter the cinema around 7.10pm. The movie ended around 9.10pm.

I heard lots of laughter in the cinema, especially PY’s loud laugh coz she was sitting just beside me. No doubt the movie was really funny.

There are 2 parts I really adore:
1) The Spanish version of Buzz Lightyear
2) The thin version of Mr. Potato Head.

Every both of these versions appear, I loud out loud. How can the screen writers be so creative???

Now, I think I fall in love with the 3 tiny aliens. Especially they became the hero with their ‘claw’.

Not a fan of Toy Story but I really think that this movie is worth a watch. Very entertaining and a good movie to release tension. The ending couldn’t be much better and now we have to say bye bye to the Woody, Buzz, Jessie and her horsie, Mr and Mrs Potato Head, T-rex, aliens, and the sausage dog.

My rating for the movie will not be A++ but it definitely deserves an A.


While we were on the way to Tropicana Mall to watch A-Team, Boy boy sing a theme song and asked whether it belongs to this movie. I realized that the song is very familiar but I really couldn’t remember since the A-Team was shown years ago. I can only remember Mr. T and his Mohawk!

The show started with the rhythm that Boy boy sang in the car! He does have a good memory. The characters are introduced at the front part of the movie and how they got together and conduct mission successfully.

I specifically like the part where Murdock, the mad pilot hang on the wings of the helicopter and sang ‘you spin my head right round right round’ (Timbaland’s song). The way he drove the helicopter like an aeroplane was an eye-opener.

The movie was filled with humours, so do enjoy while watching it. The actions are a bit exaggerating but that is what A-Team is all about, right?

I rate the movie A-.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Castell - Section 14

One night, boy boy and I felt like eating chops in a nice environment. During his searches with his GPS, Castell popped up. I have dined here years ago (I think 10 years ago with my family) and didnt go back there, I guess the steaks were not up to our standard I think). So, this time, I decided to bring boy boy there to give it another try.

On a sunday night peak dinner hours, the parking was convenient as there was not many patrons in the restaurant. We were seated beside a glass window, like few steps away from boy boy's new car, while chatting and while admiring his new 'wife'.

Bread with oil was served first. The bread was soft but this skin was a bit tough.

Lamb Cutlet. I love the amount of corn that they gave, super love corns. The lamb was half meat half fats. Boy boy cut out a piece of burned fat and asked me to it since I super love 'jue yao cha' (burned pork fats). At first I was reluctant but he convinced me to try it. Once I put it into my mouth, the fats melted and the burned side was so crunchy. Superb! I wish I can have more of that but need to jaga badan also.

The lamb was so-so, nothing to shout about. I just felt that the size of lamb was a bit too small.

Chicken Parmigiana pasta. The chicken pieces were well-marinated but it was on the salty side. Have to eat it together with the pasta. The pasta was oily. Love the small pieces of garlic. Not a bad dish actually despite the oiliness.

They offer quite a limited selection of steaks and pastas. Not as comprehensive as The Ship. But I wouldnt mind coming back when I feel like having a quiet time for boy boy and I for dinner. The Ship is just too crowded and the oil-smell from the sizzling plates will stick to your clothes.

Castell Restaurant & Bar
19, Lorong University C,
Section 16, Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 7955 0532

Dae Sa Guan - Desa Sri Hartamas

Eating for my birthday dinner with my family. We went back for Da Sae Guan, our second visit there. Missing the beef steamboat. We requested a table at a corner of first floor.
Banchan. They gave a lot of banchan, 13 of them in total. I dad specifically like the 'siham'. Other banchan was not bad too, especially the mushroom banchan.

BBQ pork with house specialty sauce, which is nothing special. The meat was dry and there was no flavour to it. We wanted to order the marinated pork but we decided to go with the house specialty sauce, ended up disappointed.

Steamboat beef. The last time we ate, all of us love the soup and the meat. But this time, dont know why it tasted not as good as last time. We took out all the beef slices as we scare it would be overcooked. The soup was peppery, good during rainy days.

Jap Chae. Very oily, we would prefer the dae jang gum version.

Beef slices. Not bad. quite thick piece.

The bill came up to around RM120. Maybe we will try out other Korean restaurant nearby next time.

Dae Sa Guan
OG, Jalan 25/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas
Tel: 23001004

Nasi Beriyani Gam - Skudai

Visited a client in Skudai and she introduced us this restaurant that offer nice nasi beriyani gam. It was Friday prayers time and the restaurant was quite empty.

Nasi Beriyani Gam Kambing.
Nasi Beriyani Gam ayam kampung.

I ordered nasi beriyani gam ayam masak merah. At first when it was served, I was a bit skeptical as I saw the raw chicken skin beneath it and immediately I regret why I didnt order the ayam goreng. U know, I dont like to eat chicken with white skin one you know, I keep on imagining it is not cooked.

Despite all the negative thinking, I took a bite of the chicken and it was really tender and the curry was nice. I super like the red chilli sauce on the left corner of the dish, sweet and spicy, just suits my taste bud. The nasi gam was really aromatic and flavourful too! It is on par with the one near UKM. Agreed on the delicious-ness across the table.

It was a big plate of rice but I finished the whole thing. Not that hungry but I really like the taste. Dont ask me how to go coz I dont know, but it is near Jusco Skudai. It is called Restaurant Shahab Beriyani House.