Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am so touched.

When the clock was 12am, I was expecting Boy boy to call but he didnt. The whole morning also he didnt even sms or call to wish me. I was like thinking 'how can he forgotten my bday lei??'. Around 11.30am like that, my colleague Moscow (his nickname) called me and said, "ada bunga". I disbelieving it but manage to bring myself out to the reception area.

Then there was it, a bouquet of teddy bears waiting for me to collect. I still stared at the paper see whether is my name or not. Moscow said, "since when u become datin seri??". I was like, 'what is he talking about?'. Then I realised that this fella addressed the name to: Datin Seri LSM. I also dem mou lek oredi.

Boy boy didnt leave his name on the name card but I knew it was him coz he likes to give me small small surprises. I cant stop smilling looking at the bouquet. So sweet of him lor.

But hor, that Moscow went and spread around that I am being called Datin Seri, so now the whole office knows about it. Luckily that day I wore a nice decent dress with decent necklace to show that I DO looked like a datin ok. Kena pranked by Boy boy gao gao this time. [if you have been screening thru my FB, u know that PY and AL kept on teasing me already].

The whole day PY was singing, "happy birthday to you! How old are you now~!!!" Then she laughed herself. Dem sui.

After work when I wanna go home, then AL and PY was at my desk there seeing some sms. When I wanna see, they dont let me. I suspected something suspicious (normally whatever things also we will kepoh together one). Then AL ran here and ran there, then she whisper to PY, "no lighter!".

Immediately I knew that they bought a cake and celebrating with me. When AL brought out the cake, it was slightly bigger than I thought (I thought it was only a slice with one candle for me to blow). The cake was given by my Manager, Sara. So nice of him. So Sara paid the money and AL and PY were the executors.

They kept on looking for lighter at the smokers' place but ended up finding cigarrettes. Then I said never mind la. So, AL, PY and Sumah sang a birthday song for me. So I have to act like blowing a candle lights off while taking pictures.

Happily posing with the cake and the bouquet.

PY said Boy boy will propose to me at night but I doubted her. I told her that when Boy boy wears t-shirt, shorts and slippers, I know that he will not propose to me oredi. Indeed, when he came and picked me up, he was in the attire that I was predicting = t-shirt, shorts n slippers.

We went to Rakuzen in Plaza Damas. The place was packed and we had to wait a while to get a table. The service was attentive, but the environment was a bit noisy.

Sushi and tempura bento set. The tempura came with 3 big prawns, pumpkin, ladyfinger, and mushroom. It was not oily at all and the prawns were fresh.

Dragon Roll. It was a short and fat dragon. The prawn was super big piece.

A row of sushi.

Stir fried egg plant. This dish was quite good actually albeit a bit salty.

Boy boy was satisfied with the meal and he kept on saying the food was quite good.

When I went back home, bro bought a chocolate strawberry cake from Bon Bon.

Cakes from Bon Bon was indeed very delicious. She put lots and lots of ingredients in it and makes Secret Recipe / La Manilla are at the lower class! The texture was soft and I wont feel geli after eating it, I can keep on eating and eating. It was that good!

Thanks everyone who make my day meaningful! My birthday this year was 1000x better than last year.

Aiya! forgotten to make a wish tiem!!! But never mind la, every year also the same wish since 3 years ago, also didnt come true. This year no need wish la, or maybe I wish myself stay healthy and safe, and happy always.

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