Saturday, May 22, 2010

Heng's Wedding

Last Saturday went to Penang to attend Heng's wedding dinner. Early in the morning he sms-ed me and Nicole, saying 'morning, please drive safely'. So sweet of him still remember us coming from KL. [he is not busy in the morning coz he is picking up the bride on Sunday morning].

His wedding was in Red Rock Hotel. It was like 70 over tables. When we entered the restaurant, we were greeted by Heng and he has a list with him and he told us which table to sit. First time I see a groom taking the receptionist n usherer position.

We were seated 3 row from the front and it smack right in the middle. Heng really did gave us a good location. We were entertained by 3 ladies who sang the whole night, mixture of English, Hokkien and Mandarin. Albeit the sweetness of the singers, the sound system was a bit too loud and it made us try to catch up with ex-colleague tough. Until one point we just kept quiet and let them sing.

Each seats have a tiny cupcakes together with a cute box. [catch a glimpse of Joe, the food blogger who manned Lots Of Cravings). When he saw me, he asked Nicole whether I am wearing a wig. I take that as a compliment as I have spent RM30 for wash and blow hair that morning.

Me n Nicole.

Boy boy and I.

The bride Katrina and the groom Darren Heng entering. Katrina's Kua (chinese traditional costume) was really pretty. It has all the tiny little details with dragons on it.

They changed another set of costume for second march in.

Let's go to the food. Like the ribs.
Shark fin soup which was very starchy. Nicole has to use chopstick and eat up the ingredients without drinking the soup.

Buttered prawns. Very big prawns indeed. I peeled the shells for boy boy [I must emphasize on this].
Herbal chicken. The chicken was soft and the herbal soup was just nice.

Steam fish.

Fried rice.

Heng is not a good drinker. Until half way, he put down his 'hak gao beh' (gusiness stout I presumed) and took Boy boy's Sarsi and continue his yum seng. I thought he is gonna drunk by the night. But he surpised me when I received his sms at 11.30pm saying 'Thanks for coming, please drive safely home'. Aww....such a caring guy. Katrina is such a luckylady to have him.

Wish both of you faster 'jou sang kuai ji'!

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