Saturday, May 8, 2010

Girl's day out on a Monday

Finally the three of us (PY, AL and me) managed to take leave together on a Monday. We went to Bar B Q Plaza for lunch since AL havent been there before.

As usual, I love their dipping sauce. But the chilli I dont know why the mashed until like that, dont like.

We ordered Family Mixed Set.
As AL has A J-card, we can get this for free. Nothing nice about it though.

After that we went to Neway. I made a reservation for 3 at 10.30am. When I told the girl at the counter, she said "room for 7". Then I said no, is 3. She said,"I double confirmed with u n u said 7". I replied,"No, I double confirmed with u n u said 3". I was so afraid that she asked me to pay for the extra 4 pax (this was what happened in RedBox, which is why I hated the most plus RedBox ppl are super acsi). After that, she immediately said, "Oh, maybe I heard wrongly". So she proceeded to give me a number and asked me to wait for the announcement. Phew!

While waiting for our turn, the girl came and called me in. While walking I casually asked the girl,"Did the annoucement call my name??? I didnt hear wor". She replied, "Nope, I come and call you personally". Wow, so nice of her! No wonder I always like Neway, look at their staffs' attitute compared to RedBox, a thousand miles different.

We started with the whole list of Lady Gaga songs.

Then we sang Korean version of 'Nobody' and danced along it. After that, we sang Chinese version of it. AL said,"so the chinese version is 'bu yao bu yao ni' lor". Me and PY laughed until stomach ache. Forget to mention to you all that AL dont speak Mandrain, that was why she came up with this translation.

Midway singing the Spice Girls songs, I noticed that AL and me has the same tune! The same out-of-tune punya tune. Me and her tune totally sync with each other. Now, I dont feel pressure singing along AL. Sometimes, singing along with other people who have a super nice in-tune voice, I really feel bad for myself.

We sang from 2pm to 7pm. Exhausted but satisfied. Will organize it again towards end of the year if we have more leaves to spare.

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