Monday, May 3, 2010

Eat-zy Teochew porridge - Sunway Mas

Wanted to find Betty's Kitchen for lunch in Aman Suria and I forgotten to save the address, and we failed to locate the restaurant. So we round n round that Sunway Mas Commercial Center and saw this restaurant, so we went inside.

We chose 'hum choy', 'dao si yue', nuts and ikan billis. The portions are for 2 person. There are 2 dishes are priced at RM3 each, and another 2 at RM2.20 each.
Boy boy said the hum choy tasted sweet compared to other outlet, so I tried. Indeed, it suited my taste wor, quite nice to eat. The texture of the nuts were not soft enough. The ikan billis was not crunchy enough. The dao si yue was normal dao si yue from tin lor.

We chose sweet potato rice (RM1.50).

My mouth itchy and went and order yam rice (RM1.80). It came with a bowl of soup. The yam rice has lots of mushrooms and yam as well as lap cheong (chinese fermented sausage). The whole rice tasted more towards the 'lap mei' taste. I still prefer my mum's version of yam rice.

Our bill was RM17.20. Compared to the Teowchew Porridge in SS2, I prefer the ss2 one.

Eat-zt Teow Chew Porridege & Rice
39-1 Blk H, Jln PJU 1/3F,
Sunway Mas Commercial PJ.
(Located beside Char Siew Chai and opposite the field).

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