Saturday, May 29, 2010

Da Tuan Yuan - Bandar Baru Klang

My family and Jojo's family went and visit my GuMah (father's elder sister) house in Bukit Kemuning. After visiting, they brought us to Bandar Baru Klang for dinner. While we were walking towards the restaurant, I was shocked that the restaurant has allocate tables for outdoors. Almost the same scenario as Murni PJ where the tables were everywhere along the small street (in between 2 rows of restaurant) and along the corridor. The tables were 95% full.

My cousin's wife told us that the situation was worse during Mother's Day where practically people are just standing beside you and staring at you and waiting for your table. The same thing in KLCC food court.

My cousin made a reservation before hand as well as making the order. While we reached, we still have to wait for 10 minutes for table. My expectation was raised since this restaurant has so many patrons, I guessed it must be something really delicious.

The food arrived quite fast, within 15 minutes. Mayonaise pork ribs. The pork was half fat half meat, and was not crunchy enough. Ok lah.
Steamed chicken, which is not my forte. But I heard my dad saying the chicken was sweet.

Baby sotong. Wow! This one was good! Love the taste, love the baby sotong. I ate quite a lot, screw the cholesterol.

Claypot beancurd. Normal.

Steam boneless fish with soy sauce. Love the no-bone concept. The fish was fresh. Tasted not bad.

Stir fried brinjals and long beans. The taste was good and lots of 'har mai'.

Steam prawns with soup. The soup was full of wine, must be 'siu heng jao', and got a few biji of 'kei ji'. I took almost all the kei ji, coz I love it. The soup was really good and the prawns were really fresh. They cut the prawns into half and it was easy to peel with fork and spoon. I just dont like the fact that there was egg beneath the prawns, it just doesnt taste quite right together with the soup.

Besides, my aunty strongly recommend their homemade soya bean too. The dinner total for 13 person was RM210, which consider quite cheap. The food was not bad, and definately I will come back to try other dishes when I am around this area. But make sure to make a reservation before you come.

Da Tuan Yuan
22G, Jalan Tiara 2D/KU1,
Pusat Perniaga BBK,
41150 Klang.
Tel: 33429309
(Tiny directions: if you are coming from PJ using Federal Highway, after the RM1 toll (Bukit Rajah), keep left and go down the bridge. Turn right at traffic light and you will see Jusco Bukit Rajah on your left. Keep left and take first left turn. Go straight and there are a row of shop houses on your right, turn right in. Go straight until T-junction, turn left and until the end and turn left. DTY is on your left)

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