Monday, May 3, 2010

Coca Restaurant - Subang Parade

It was raining heavily and as usual, I was cravings for steamboat on rainy days. So we went to try out Coca Restaurant. While browsing through the menu, I noticed that the price are on the high side. The dishes for the steamboat menu was like RM10 and above. They dont offer any steamboat set. Then I was like, 'Gosh, this gonna be an expensive dinner'.

Before I placed the order, I asked the manager whether she has steamboat set, then she said yes. Phew! At least set has more dishes with a good price. When she passed me the menu, there is only one option for 2 person, priced at RM98++. My eyes almost pop out and my jaws almost drop. But never mind, since we are here already, just try out lor.

The dipping sauce for the steamboat. I always love Thai dipping sauce. This has more tomyam taste in it.

Complementary fish cake that came with the set. The texture was good and it has strong taste of lemongrass. The chilli sauce was so-so though. The second half that I took has some fishy taste.

Chicken broth, which I think has lots of ajinomoto coz I was super thirsty after the dinner. So-so and nothing to shout about. Ho Ho Steamboat serves better soup base. It is an additional RM10 if you want half tomyam and half chicken broth.

The set consists of 2 vege dishes, 2 eggs, fuchuk, dumplings, fish balls, fish paste, prawns, tofu, green mee....

.... stuffed sotong (which was really good!), chicken pieces and the jelly-like thingy (dont know what is it called).

The ingredients can totally feed 3 pax lor. Me and boy boy were forcing ourselves to finish everything!! They have like 6 dumplings, 6 prawns, 8 fish balls! Crazee ar??? How to eat for 2 person??? I found something farnie was that some of the fish balls tasted fresh, and some very fishy. Hm...I wonder if they mix the old and the new ones together??

While half way through eating, I saw the waiter helped another table to put everything into their steamboat, but no one help us to put the ingredients into the steamboat. Why are there double standard? because of skin color? of because boy boy looks very young (he wore slippers, shorts and wore a cap), no money to eat the food?? This is so disturbing. I dont like restaurant who discriminate, either discriminating the skin color or the status.

Another thing happened was a customer took his glass of juice to the counter (half drink) and said, "ada lipas" and he pointed at the glass. Swt!! Such a high class restaurant has hygiene problem???

Despite the super expensive steamboat (the most expensive that I have ever eaten), this restaurant has hygienic problem and the waiter has (discrimination) problem too! Besides,when I was waving to the counter and asked the manager to come, she ignored me! IGNORED! She didnt even bother to ask her staff to check out what we want. We waited for 10 minutes then we called another waiter.

I guess I really has bad experience with this restaurant. I will not go back there anymore. Dont even ask me to try out their other Thai dishes, I dont give a damn to this restaurant. Cannot tolerate this type of attitute. Pissed.

Coca Restaurant
Subang Parade
G28, Jln SS 16/1,
Petaling Jaya.

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