Saturday, May 29, 2010

Chops and Steaks (The Ship) - kampung baru

This event has been so outdated, it was like a month ago. I managed to upload all the pictures in FB but couldnt find time to write about it. has been a month huh since Farah left, hope you are doing well, dont feel so pressure ya. For Farah's farewell, we went to "The Ship" for dinner.

The restaurant really has a big ship inside the restaurant. The cashier is located at the head of the ship and part of the kitchen is located back of the ship. Of course there are no dining tables in the ship ok.

These three love birds always mumbling mumbling with each other then they laughed miraculosly. Wonder what they are talking.

2 DSLR owners preparing the cameras.

The mango juice that I ordered was really 100% kao. It was really tasty but it fill up the stomach really fast, my stomach was bloated half way through eating.

Beef steak. Lots of fats that I have to cut it out.

Sizzling version. The size of the steak was not standard, some colleauges got a bigger piece and some got smaller piece.

Compare the photo above and below, you will see the differences in size.

Fried chicken. The chicen was really big pieces. It came with sweet and sour sauce which is nothing special.

Fish and chips.

Chicken chop.

French fries. Love it coz it is the thick version. The mayonaise sauce was nothing to shout about though.

There's Farah.

After dinner, we were camwhoring in front of the shop.

Chops and Steaks
No. 16, Jalan Daud,
Kampung Baru.

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