Thursday, April 15, 2010

Yi Hao Dim Sum - Seapark

Came back from USA and I actually wanted to eat dimsum. I remember passing by this new dim sum shop in Seapark, so I suggested boy boy to try it for lunch. It was 12pm peak hour and there was only one table occupied. Guess not many people know about this place yet.

This place has the concept of order first then only they will steam the dim sum for you. This concept is good whereby you get to eat hot dim sums but the disadvantage is that we have to go to the front desk there and choose the dim sum we want (there is no menu like Little Dim Sum Cafe in SS2 where you can sit comfortably and order through the menu).

Kai Wo Bao ('chicken nest pao'?). The bao is abit on the tough side and the chicken fillings tasted like lohmaikai. I prefer the one in Damansara near Atria there one.

Pork Ribs which was hard, cold (unfortunately they didnt keep this hot), and sticky. The egg tart was under par as well, Tong Kee egg tarts are much better.

Fu chuk was good and it is actually quite flavourful. The fish ball was ok. The prawn dumplings were quite delicious too! It really filled up with lots of prawns and the skin was not too thick.

Siu Mai, Mushroom Mai was ok only.

Erm, I dont think I will go back there again coz there is nothing special about the dim sum. The above cost us RM30, which is a bit expensive for dimsum. I would rather go eat in Key Way, which is much cheaper and nicer.

Yi Hao Dim Sum
24, Jalan 21/11B,
Seapark, PJ.
(Tiny Direction: Located at the row behind Maybank, and the row in front of the market).

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