Sunday, April 11, 2010

What I had in USA

Marogal left a comment in my California Park post saying that I look fat in my pictures. Indeed, I think I have grown fatter throughout my stay in US. To justify that, I wanna show you guys what I have been eating over that one week in US, minus off the pictures of my heavy breakfast (coz I didnt take pictures any of the breakfasts which were quite delicious).


First night just touched down from the airport, we went to a 24 hr chain restaurant called Denny's. The concept is similar to TGIF and Chillis here.

French Fries with cheese and ham.

Mixed fried stuffs, which tasted quite good together with the dipping sauce.

My mushroom steak burger. Large portion of mushrooms and fries. The bread tasted nice as it has some hint of garlic flavour on it.

Grill fish fillet.

Potato crepe with egg, I suppose.


This place has turned out to be my colleagues' favourite place to dine it because it is Muslim food. For them, it was quite difficult to find meat to eat. They only can eat fish dishes.

Cashew nut with prawns.
Sze chuan soup. It was sour and spicy. It is good for cold weather.

Beef Fried Rice.

Stir fried beef with brocolli.

Sweet n sour chicken.

Chao Mien.

Oh ya, in US, they dont give you spoon, for dinner like above, they will only provide you with a fork. So you have to struggle while eating the rice. Mat Salleh are so weird. And they like to order alot then tabao back in a small small boxes like you seen in some movie. Dont bother asking for spoon because they wont give you one.

Famous for its burgers.


A restaurant strongly recommended by my colleague before we even went there. As its name imply, it has a lot of variety of cheesecake to choose from as well as it is a restaurant. There is a branch near Aneheim Convention Center, lucky us. It was Friday night, the restaurant was packed and we had to wait 30 minutes for a seat.

Complimentary bread.

Grill Mahi Mahi. Dont be deceived by the look, it tasted fresh and delicious actually.

Fried Prawn Platter. I couldnt finish it.

Are you guys waiting for the cheesecake? Have to disappoint you guys coz we didnt order it. We were super full after our main meal and didnt order it. But I tried when I was elsewhere in US. It is not the solid cheese type, it is soft cheese, where I am not a fan of soft cheese, so nothing to shout about.


There was one night that my colleagues went for shopping but I didnt follow. So I walked out to nearby restaurant thought of having some hot soup. I was served with some banchan.
Broiled beef soup with tongfun. It was a bit of let down. The beef has some strong smell and they were big pieces and tough. Mind you, I think if I throw it at someone, that fella will faint lei. So, I didnt touch the beef, I just finish the vege and the tongfun. Felt a bit cheated.

The waiter saw me alone and asked me whether I am a Chinese from China. I said I am a Malaysian Chinese, and he was confused. I think he dont know that Malaysian can have Chinese. Then he asked whether I speak Mandarin, I said yes. He then told me that he used to study Mandarin (he is a Korean) in Beijing for 2 years. He asked me a few questions, after that I kept quiet already, dont dare to talk to strangers, especially I was alone that day. Dangerous.


Tomyum soup. Sour only, not spicy at all.

Stir fried beef.

Prawn kerabu.

I dont know what was this.

Curry vege.

Chicken with cashew nut.

I think hor, go US must eat western food only coz the western food will not disappoint you. So far out of all the western food / burger that I took, I was 100% satisfied.


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