Thursday, April 22, 2010

Restoran Sunrise - Taman Paramount

I wanted to eat Sunrise duck since ages ago and doesn’t get the chance. Towards end of last year, I started clearing my annual leaves on Mondays, and Sunrise closes every Monday. Wanted to go for brunch during weekends but the Q is always super long.

Until yesterday, my bro’s exam day and I have to become his driver, so I took leave. And yes! Finally I had the chance to eat Sunrise duck. We reached around 11.50am and the restaurant was almost ¾ full. We wanted to order 2 plates of duck rice but they don’t sell like that. So, we ordered one quarter of duck with 2 plates of rice.

The duck meat was soft and skin was ok, not that crunchy. The dipping sauce was rich though, full of herbs and quite thick. The chilli sauce was nothing to shout about. The rice was tasteless, nothing special. The soup, is the worst soup that I have ever tasted, first scoop of it, it was super sourish and salty, and it tasted full of ajinomoto, super-cannot-drink soup. Bluek!

While eating, we observed other tables and saw some interesting behavior. There was this couple, around 40 years old, quite big size. They order one big plate of duck, and we were guessing whether it is half a duck or whole duck. My bro confirmed it when he saw the lady took the third drumstick (a whole duck has 2 drumstick and 2 smaller drumstick). 2 person eating a whole duck??? That’s really terror wor. We continued to observe, and noticed that they only eat the skin and not so much of the meat. No wonder they order one whole duck. Swt. Really rich one these people.

We saw another 2 ladies ordered quarter duck as well. One lady tabao quite a lot. After finish eating the quarter duck, the lady was not enough, so she opened the tabao box and ‘steal’ a few pieces of duck out. @@.

My bro saw baby cockroach crawling up on the chair of the person seated next to us. When I wanted to see, the cockroach ran away. And you know what, it went to me!!! And I didn’t notice it. I was pumping petrol after the lunch. While waiting, I was adjusting my shorts, then I grabbed it on my shorts, accidentally. I straight away dump it on the floor. I think I was so scare and squeezed it a little bit too tight and it died. Eww….super dirty the restaurant.

I have no idea why I was craving for Sunrise duck. To my memory, the last time I ate this restaurant with my ex-colleagues (which was 3 years ago), it was really really delicious. This time, it was really disappointing. No wonder Boy boy kept on saying ‘Sunrise duck not nice one lar, Loong Foong Duck is better!’ whenever I say that I wanna eat Sunrise. Even my bro said that ss2 market duck is better.

So the conclusion is, I don’t think I will go back to Sunrise anymore. Don’t know why there is always such a long Q. Nothing spectacular what. Not mention a quarter duck is RM14.50, which is freaking expensive!
Restoran Sunrise
31, Jalan 21/12,
46300 Petaling Jaya.

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Rakanishu said...

oh reali? can u explain why the Q for sunrise shop is long and popular?

obviously you don't know how to eat the duck. and the soup is awesome.