Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My health report

Boy boy and I did a health check at Pathlab and we got the report.

Everything are fine except one, which I already expected:

TOTAL CHOLESTEROL: 4.6 (Reference range should be <5.2).

Although not out of the range, mine is reaching the borderline. But at least, it wasnt six point something ok.

HDL: readings within range.

LDL: 2.8 (Reference range should be <2.6).>
And now, I am slightly above the range. Too much of bad cholesterol. Doctor put a comment beside,"decrease fat intake, exercise". Sienz lor, you ask me to decrease fat intake I can do it, but ask me to exercise??? You want me to die meh? I am not an exercise person also. Cham lor like that.

The farnie thing is that Boy boy always exercise (he is very fit and have muscles one), the total cholesterol level is 4.6 also, same as me!! why I bother to exercise right??? just decrease the fats enough lor hor???

Once boy boy heard that his cholesterol level is approaching the border line, he went to play futsal the next day. So kiasi la him!

PY asked me to take oats every morning. Sigh.... oats are so tasteless, how to eat?

eat bread cannot meh?

bread plus peanut butter plus margerine can?

Chocolate nestum can?

I can cut down on the amount of nasi lemak I take though.

Cut down on fried stuffs lor. Eat chicken dont eat the skin lor.

Eat more homecook food hor.

But I love to eat seafood wor, especially prawns!! how ar like that?

Cannot eat this, cannot eat that....can die one you know.



Mich said...

haha my LDL is high too. eat fish oil

Renji said...

Wei I promise my colleagues to play futsal & gym with them oredi wan. No choice... I like badminton & basketball too & also swiming. No kaki only

siewmun said...

mich, fish oil tablet is so big, cannot telan there any other options?

siewmun said...

Ya, go exercise more.

Does MJ-ing consider an exercise too?