Friday, April 16, 2010

Lobsterman - Seapark

I have been sick for more than a week and have been eating tasteless food ie. bread for one week. 3 meals also bread bread bread. Combined together with the medicines, my tongue was numb, super insensitive for taste and my weight dropped to 43kg (that would be 3kg in a week). When I stepped into office last Wednesday, everyone was shocked coz my face was super pale, like a walking zombie.

Finally, recovering now and start cravings for food. Cravings for BBQ pork n beef. And saw people's review on Lobsterman, and suddenly I have the urge to eat lobster. Since it is located near Boy boy's house, I decided to buy him a dinner (pre-bonus dinner) in Lobsterman. Hahaha...god knows whether even I have bonus or not. Dont care la, fill up the tummy better.

Boy boy, being a Seapark boy, didnt even notice there is a restaurant called Lobsterman which has existed long time ago. When we went inside, only 2 tables were occupied. We ordered the set dinner for 2 (RM128++).

Half dozen of escargots (can choose between mussels and escargots). The escargots came without the shell. The escargots were medium-sized and a bit on the soft side, it doesn't have the springy feeling of an escargot. The garlic cheese was so-so only. The escargots came on top of a bed of mashed potato and below each escargot has a piece of button mushroom (which were quite big size). I enjoyed the mashed potato and mushroom though. Not bad la, consider above average.

Look at the amount of lobsters in the tank! Boy boy asked me how the bottom ones survive since they are being stacked below of so many losbtersm, "Wont die one ar???" he asked. Erm...i dont know the answer wor. Maybe I can ask my sis (who is studying Animal Science) how the lobster survive lor hor.

Soup of the day was chicken and corn soup. Once I took the first scoop and tasted corn, I immediately told boy boy that he wouldnt like the soup (he hates corn soup), but he finished it though. To me, it was sweet, and it was ok.

Here comes our 550g lobster. You can get a bigger gram lobster by adding some RM, do enquire. They have more than 10 ways of cooking lobster. We ordered the charboiled version. It was really good and the lobster was really fresh. This version can exactly let us taste the freshness of lobster and the meat was springy too. Except for the meat at the tip of the claw which was super salty, dont know why.

Cheese seafood spagetti (you get to choose between baked rice or spagetti). The cheese was super super thick and sticky. So geli. It was not creamy, it was super cheesy. Eat a few scoop is ok but not the whole bowl.

Boy boy peeling off the claws.

Fruits as dessert.

Boy boy so serious.

That's me, after losing 3kg (I still need to brag about it coz it is an achievement for me to loose 3kg in a week, hahahha.... by torturing myself). My face can scare off people u know.

So the set for 2 comes with all the above except for the orange juice. Dont bother ordering any juice coz it cost RM5.50 for that pathetic small glass of juice. The drinks are over-priced. Just order the 1.5L of mineral water for RM3 will do.

Another incident that caught my attention was a group of 3 aunties (age late 30s) came in with 1 baby and one kid sat at the table beside us. When the waiter took a 1.8kg lobster to show her, she raised her voice, "why so big?? I dont want so big, I want to order 2 lobster, if you give me so big, I cant finish it, go find another smaller one for me!". She with her squeky voice, and to me, she was very rude. Although the waiter is a foreigner, dont treat them like that la, cant you just say, "please get me a smaller lobster, this is too big".

After she was satisfied with her lobsters weight (which was 1.6kg and 800g lobsters), she asked about the drinks, again with her rude attitude, "where is your drinks menu? I want chinese tea, how much is the chinese tea?". She and her never ending story. I know you are very rich (which I assume so coz you order such a big lobsters that can cost more than RM350), but treat people with respect la. What an attitute!

The lady ordered Lobsterman specialty Garlic Lobster, which smell so dem nice. I wanna go back again and try it. That time, I will just order 1kg lobster to eat with boy boy. If not full then we go Tin Pan Gor Gor and eat dessert. Hahaha. The set of 2 not quite worth it la, dont try.

The Lobsterman
53, SS2/30,
47300 PJ
(Directions: located behind Sri Siam and same row as TeoChew Meng).

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Nice...thanks for sharing this! Been there and thinking the price is quite cheap!