Monday, April 26, 2010

Kitchen Creatures - Bandar Utama

Read some reviews on this restaurant and feel like eating their burgers and fries, so we went and try out. Its concept is 'No-frills dinning' where you dont need to pay government tax or service charge. But according to the banner behind Boy boy, 'Tips are welcome'.

We ordered Monsterized Ice Cream Soda (RM7) which is the cheapest drink if you divided by two. They didnt serve the drink until we asked them and we were half way through eating the pasta. It was after 9pm and the restaurant is only 1/4 occupied. A simple thing as this, they can overlook it.

Boy boy ordered Seafood Garlic Cream Sauce (RM15). When I see the cream, I expected something like carbonara sauce. But it turn out quite salty and nothing carbonary-like besides the creamy sauce. Even it was mentioned 'garlic' in the menu, but I does not taste a hint of garlic in it. For a super garlic lover like me, it was disappointing. The seafood was ok, fresh la. The tiny pieces of fish fillet was on the salty side.

I wanted to order Monsterized Burger - Chicken (the other option is beef patty). When the waiter took my order, I specifically said that I want chicken and no beef bacon in it. When he repeated the order, I again added on 'no beef'. 5 minutes later, the waiter came back and asked,'you ordered monsterized burger?" I said,"yes, chicken, not beef". That was the third time I said 'no beef'. [at that time, Boy boy has started eating his pasta].

Another 5 minutes later, the manager came and said, 'sorry, we dont have any more chicken, can we change to beef?'. WTH?? I already told your waiter that I DONT WANT BEEF, cant he convey the message to you??? Then I still said nicely, "no beef". "would you like to try pasta?". "Nope". Then he thought I really want something with chicken, so he pointed to a chicken dish that uses chicken breast. Who the heck wanna take chicken breast if I am paying so much??? [I admit that I have lose a bit of my patience with them, it was already 9.15pm and I am freaking hungry].

At the end, I pointed at the Grilled Lamb Chop (RM17). 10 minutes later, it was served and I was a bit disappointed with the portion. 2 small pieces of lamb with big bones. The lamb came with lots of fats too. The lamb and the sauce tasted ok. Out of the 3 veggies served, 2 (long beans and cauliflower) are on my dislike list. But I finished the veggies though, I know the importance of veggies after my sickness a month ago. The mash potatos were dry and tasteless, I do hope that they can put some sauce on it. I was not full after eating this.

Overall, I was not too happy with the services and the food, and no chicken Monsterized burger for me when I was aiming to have it. Never mind la, what do you expect when people dont charge you 'service charge'. But I totally cannot tolerate this. Dont think I will go back there anymore. Will go scout for other burgers somewhere.

Kitchen Creatures
Lot F110, Centre Point,
3, Lebuh Bandar Utama.

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