Sunday, April 11, 2010

How to Train your Dragon

Have been wanting to watch this movie 2 weeks ago but fell very sick for 1 week. Boy boy didnt want to teman me to watch 'cartoon', so I ajak my bro and mum to watch together. After watching it, I totally fell in love with the movie, and I told myself that I have to blog about it! This is a movie definately you dont wanna miss. [Clash of the Titan you can give it a miss, louya movie].The movie talks about Hiccup, a Viking whose tradition is to kill dragons. I love how the story is narrated, with different kind of dragons, the culture of the village, how Hiccup befriended a rare dragon species, Night Fury known as Toothless, how Toothless become so attached to Hiccup until he can sacrisfy his own life to save him etc. The story goes on and on and on.... coz there were just too many scenes that are unforgettable.

Love Toothless, he is so dem cute, he is like a dog! I want a Night Fury too! Luckily the movie producer didnt kill Toothless. If Toothless die hor, I bet I will cry in the movie. But, it is a happy ending, not to worry, it is a family movie afterall.

Another good movie by Dreamworks after Kung Fu Panda. Must watch! You will not regret after watching it. I so feel like watching 2nd time.

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